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Things My Mother Left Behind

Can I share you some thoughts?
That often come to mind
Here are some things that
My Mother left behind

In your life’s journey
With all souls you find
Remember to be
Humble and kind

For a lost cat
Or a thin dog you see
Each day for the birds
Leave out food plenty

A love for flowers
Decorations so great
Life’s simple joys
To celebrate

Store in your soul
The joy life can bring
When dark clouds are looming
Think of happy things

With self-sacrifice
For family to care
Always take time
To lift up a prayer

Though she’s moved on
To our God above
The greatest remains
Is the gift of her love

Do things while you can
With this thought in mind
What are the things
That you’ll leave behind

How Many From the One

How many smiles
In her life were shared
How many cards
Showed somebody cared

How many prayers
Where answered by grace
How many hugs
Knew a loves’ embrace

How many donations
Of needs were addressed
How many kind words
Of encouragement blessed

How many ripples
From her life begun
Flowing in waves
From love of the One

One Smile

Through a legacy
A card, they did mail
Two women each sent
A surprise to unveil

Set out on a journey
Three women did go
Connected they were
Through love that they know

One to the country
The other to above
Third to overseas
And each with their love

When they returned home
Knew somebody cared
Through card they received
One smile was shared


I grew up with stories
That my elders shared
Of our family’s souls
Passed down through the years

From the old country
And the starving they fed
To working all day
The making of bread

To serving our country
With wounds they received
Foundation of faith
In Christ they believed

Put other soul’s first
Do your work with pride
Share a humble joy
For Christ’s by our side

Committed to purpose
Through toils and strife
Of their sacrifice
For our better life