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Death Before the Resurrection

How I’ve lived these weeks
Of lent to prepare
Without paying attention
To penance, fasting and prayer

How often have I missed
The fruits of the season
How can I celebrate?
Without observing this season

How can I rejoice
In Your Resurrection
When I’ve avoided death
Missing the connection

Yes, Lord I have to die
With You, through You, in You
So much in me to die
Sins within my view

All my false attachments
Anger and of greed
Impatience, stinginess
My pride to concede

How little I have died
A prayer to contemplate
Transform now my way
For it’s not too late

(based upon words by Henri Nouwen)

Days Forty

Ashes, ashes
All are we
Flesh and bones
Is our body

Season here
Of days forty
Soul to grow

To our desert
On acts of three

Spending time
In prayer with Thee

Time to turn
Away from me
Fasting from
Temptations be

God of grace
Giving alms

Knowing what’s
Ahead of me
Cross to bear
And great glory!

Fasting This Lent

Fast from hurting words
Let our words be kind
Fasting from our sadness
Let gratitude us, find

Fasting from our anger
Filled with patience, cope
Fast from pessimism
And be filled with hope

Fasting from our worries
Trust in God fully
Fast from our complaints
Contemplate simplicity

Fasting from our pressures
And be filled with prayer
Fast from bitterness
Our heart be joyful here

Fast from selfishness
Compassionate to see
Fasting from our grudges
Reconciled, be

Fasting from our words
Listening now hear
Let us find the silence
The Word of God to share

(based upon words from Pope Francis)


Ashes, ashes
Our body
Acknowledge our

Depressing now
This thought can be
Let Word instill
A turn to see

God sent his son
To rescue me
In human skin

He gave his life
So willingly
Upon a cross

And from the grave
He conquered death
So gloriously

He offers now
This gift for free
To live with Him

Easter Tide

Blessed the season
in which we reside
Two weeks before rising
We call Easter tide

Reflecting upon
These days of Lent
Of promises passed
We failed to repent

A turn in the way
Of hope and of grace
A new attitude
Within God’s embrace

Attuning awareness
In Presence surround
Invitations consent
To allowed to be found

Let God lead the way
Let go and let be
With eyes of the soul
Let Him move within me

Time to Declutter

A season transforming
Let the soul utter
Please bless this journey
A time to declutter

Lens of refocus
Of spiritual way
Priority set
To take time to pray

An honest reflection
Of step to begin
A changing of heart
To turn from my sin

Cast out the junk
Create inner space
Please fill the void
By Your Spirit of Grace

Ashes on the Forehead

Ashes on the forehead
Reminder to serve
For we are just dust
Nothing deserved

Let the will return
To the humble way
That all we can do
Is to trust and to pray

Deep in the soul
A spark of the light
Through Word of the Spirit
A flame to ignite

Through grace of God
Our being, adore
Grafted in Christ
Now, we are much more!

Season is Coming

A season is coming
A spiritual one
Gift of preparing
Let His will be done

To the rising Son
A vision of casting
A season becoming
One that is lasting

Drawing of inner
Let us prepare
A focused attention
Of drawing to prayer

A purposeful turning
To cast away
Things not of heaven
Aligning of way

Word of Lent

Prayer of repeating
Precious word of lent
Flowing into You
Receiving Spirit sent

L be of letting go
E of emptying
N of the needing
T be of trusting

Lent roll off the tongue
Offered up to You
In waves of surrender
Spirit flowing through

Soft be soul of molding
Heart of cleansing be
One breath of combining
Season of beauty

Desert of the Season

In the desert of the season
Something different in the scene
In the time of nothingness
Treasures great are unseen

Silence blankets covered statues
Royal purple on display
Promises coming to fruition
Found in three triumphant days

Victory can soon be realized
Drawing deeper to the One
Containing joy in the knowing
Light of glory, through the Son

First the suffering must be witnessed
Through the lamb who paid the price
Time in the tomb, must be lived
Eternity won through sacrifice

In the light of resurrection
The greatest day for all mankind
Explodes the joy of all creation
A savior’s love, we pray, all find