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Lesson of the Sunrise

In our Gods great love
Beginning of each day
An offering of prayer
What does the sunrise say?

Let us begin anew
Wash the old away
Shining light to all
A beautiful display

A gift freely blessed to all
Of vision, warming love
Tender touch of growth
A drawing to above

To all creation calls
The key to unity
Laying the light down
In great humility

Through the night, a lesson
Of everyday to see
For when the sunrise comes
Life after death there be

Lessons of a Birdsong

When I was a child
You’d hear a bird song
Your Spirit would brighten
And you’d sing along

A beautiful chorus
As they’d sing back to you
You taught me to pause
And cherish it too

Throughout my life
I’ve treasured this gift
To pause and listen
My Spirit to lift

A sprinkling of joy
Wherever I go
With lyrics of love
You’re with me I know