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Letting Let

And here we let
The sunrise raise
With light to be
With joy and praise

And here we let
the water flow
Of comfort be
In letting go

And here we let
The green grass grow
The time to be
Nice and slow

And here we let
The sunset set
Of just to be
Nothing to get

Of letting let
What is will be
For by God’s grace
He’s letting me

Letting Soul

Soaking of the morning
Of senses here to fill
To be fully present
Letting the soul still

Psalm of song in silence
Caress of a soft breeze
Fragrance to awaken
Setting soul at ease

Blessed within the light
A drifting of above
Receiving sacred gifts
To shower soul in love

Heart of preparation
Aware and fully here
So grateful is our being
To offer soul in prayer

Letting Your Flow

Basking in light
Of colors sunrise
Letting your beauty
Flow through my eyes

Dwelling in silence
A sweet song appears
Letting your peace
Flow through my ears

Soaking in scriptures
Such wisdom to find
Letting your Word
Flow through my mind

Feeling your love
In my being whole
Letting your Presence
Flow through my soul

Journey of Letting

I come before You
With an offered prayer
Let soul truly know
You are fully here

I say I surrender
On knees to befall
But my lack of faith
Keeps up the wall

Still You are tender
Your love shining true
Gifts of outpouring
The blessings of You

Through grace of Your patience
A step here this day
In journey of letting
To trust all the way

Being of Letting

To set aside time
Cleaning the slate
A beautiful gift
Just to contemplate

Room full of silence
Your light to be shown
In being of letting
The Spirit be known

A basking into
Of focus to shift
Within Your Presence
And set soul adrift

One of receiving
Soul of restoring
Gifts of outpouring
To practice adoring

Filling of Presence
Us, simply to be
Love multiplying
Let it flow through me

Letting You In

In such a hurry
Seems worries never cease
In moment of Spirit
Found a breath of peace

Turning direction
Of comfort to know
A pause now to breathe
And letting it flow

One of refreshment
A drawing of deep
A filling of lungs
Of letting peace seep

A changing of view
Of gaining control
Letting You in
And dwell in the soul

Letting You Here

Sway with the tall grass
Drift with the breeze
Deep of the fresh air
Posture at ease

Rolling waves gentle
Arise into blue
Above of the dwelling
Horizon the view

Sipping of silence
Ears, letting go
Sweet bird of chirping
Comfort to know

Clear is the vision
To slip into prayer
Easy the setting
Of letting you here