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I Want To

I want to just gaze at the ocean
Into the water of blue
Listen to gentle waves crashing
Knowing that all flows from You

I want to just dwell in the sunlight
Feel the warm glow on my face
One light that is blessed upon all
Receiving of Your precious grace

I want to just listen to silence
Peacefulness here to instill
For it’s Your intimate language
Perceived through a blessed soul, still

I want to just be in Your presence
Astounded that You want me too
Awareness in all of creation
Your light of peace flowing through


Great Light Appearing

Going to bed earlier
Tomorrow an event
A great light appearing
One that’s heaven sent

In a burst of glory
Darkness cast away
Warmth within its’ touch
Blessed on all this day

With anticipation
Let our soul prepare
Gift of underserving
That You love to share

Masterpiece of beauty
Praise in our heart fill
Wrapped in peaceful silence
In soul Your hope instill

Eyes of the Light

It’s a beautiful gift
For one to see
How you cherish the gifts
That are offered to thee

Bird of the soaring
New day begun
Colors of autumn
Or the setting sun

Memory risen
Of blessed time shared
With your beloved
Of a living prayer

Soul of your journey
Placed in your way
How they affected
Your life to this day

Life of a story
Of Word to highlight
Uplifting the soul
Through eyes of the light

First Breath of Light

As new light of dawning
Bursts into the scene
The first breath of light
Is pure and pristine

Filling the lungs
Drawing of deep
We find in its blessing
The Spirit to seep

Cool in its tasting
To nourish the soul
Flows through the body
One becomes whole

Response of exhaling
A surrender into
Of gratitude lifting
A prayer into You

The Souls’ Light

The day is birthed
In innocence light
The source of all
Lays down, contrite

As day moves on
Intensity rises
Darkness to cease
Dispelling it guises

In dusk descending
A calm slowing down
A breeze of forgiveness
As wisdom surrounds

In darkness of light
On waves set a glimmer
Contemplation at rest
As the moonlight shimmers

Perhaps here a vision
As souls light shines through
The way we reflect
The light blessed from You

Pure of Light

As the night passed
Baton onto the sun
The stillness of morning
Pronounced the day begun

The peepers sang
Their last song
The mist on water
Moved along

As silence spreads
Its sweet tune
Peace invites
Us to commune

Pure of light
Touches all
Into Your way
Let us all fall

Be Your Light

In silence of prayer
A Word of insight
God of us asks
Will you go, be my light?

In world overwhelming
In darkness of night
With candle of hope
Will you go, be my light?

Souls feeling worthless
The world does indict
With heart of compassion
Will you go, be my light?

When truth is diluted
And wrong becomes right
With clarities vision
Will you go, be my light?

When flames turn to embers
May the Spirit ignite
With voice of your joy
I will go, be Your light!