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Rest in the Light

Come here my child
Share my delight
Learning to love
To rest in the light

Time of the soul
To know God is here
To dwell in His being
A simple, pure prayer

A practice of stilling
Of gratefulness be
Me loving Him
And He loving me

Foundation of faith
To grow our roots deep
A capture of light
In our soul to keep

Language of the Light

Heard in the sunrise
And stars of the night
For silence is
The language of the light

A calling to stillness
With gifting of peace
A simple surrender
Of will to release

Forever seeking
Throughout the day
Intimate drawing
Of being to pray

With warmth of its love
We become whole
For God we encounter
In dwelling of soul

Offering of Light

An offering of light
Is blessed unto this earth
A miracle of witness
This new day given birth

A pasture of receiving
Of warming love is known
A gentle touch of joy
In dews’ sparkle is shown

Knowledge of dependence
Of all life to subsist
Response of prayer is glimpsed
In field of rising mist

A prayer to fall into
Of our soul bind within
In gratefulness of way
As the way begins…

Mary Of the Light

Dwelling in the garden
In scent of flowers bright
Found in holy space
Is Mary of the light

Beauty of surrounding
Still this sacred air
A simple conversation
Is One within our prayer

Love of her outpouring
A gift for everyone
Song of her desire
A knowing of her Son

Resting in sweet comfort
Peace surrounds this place
Humbleness of being
Encountering of grace

Who Am I?

I rest upon white clouds
And dance upon waves
Birth the grain fields
What the flowers crave

I cast out the darkness
Every sunrise begin
Bless sunsets with color
Caressing your skin

Warming the oceans
Melt frozen snow
Twinkle the stars
The moon casts it’s glow

I am every vision
Reflect every tear
Show joy in the eye
I will always appear

I am a reflection
Pass through the air
You cannot see me
But I am everywhere

Trail of Light

A new day of birthing
Of vision to lift
An offer for soul
Is Your mornings gift

Light of the Spirit
Peace you exude
A drawing of stillness
Of One solitude

Drifting into the scene
The false fades away
Soul of the binding
Just being, we pray

A resting completely
Of sacred beauty
Soul of the knowing
As it’s meant to be

Ripples of reflection
Flow in the way
Let this trail of light
Follow me this day

Light and Peace

Take me to the sunrise
One of golden rays
Light of overflowing
Setting soul ablaze

Take me to the silence
May peace fill my heart
Stilling of the inner
A prayer to impart

Take me to your being
A binding intimate
Light and peace of knowing
One so infinite

Take me to horizon
Way that you prepare
With gift of light and peace
Of You, let me share