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Who Am I?

I rest upon white clouds
And dance upon waves
Birth the grain fields
What the flowers crave

I cast out the darkness
Every sunrise begin
Bless sunsets with color
Caressing your skin

Warming the oceans
Melt frozen snow
Twinkle the stars
The moon casts it’s glow

I am every vision
Reflect every tear
Show joy in the eye
I will always appear

I am a reflection
Pass through the air
You cannot see me
But I am everywhere


Trail of Light

A new day of birthing
Of vision to lift
An offer for soul
Is Your mornings gift

Light of the Spirit
Peace you exude
A drawing of stillness
Of One solitude

Drifting into the scene
The false fades away
Soul of the binding
Just being, we pray

A resting completely
Of sacred beauty
Soul of the knowing
As it’s meant to be

Ripples of reflection
Flow in the way
Let this trail of light
Follow me this day

Light and Peace

Take me to the sunrise
One of golden rays
Light of overflowing
Setting soul ablaze

Take me to the silence
May peace fill my heart
Stilling of the inner
A prayer to impart

Take me to your being
A binding intimate
Light and peace of knowing
One so infinite

Take me to horizon
Way that you prepare
With gift of light and peace
Of You, let me share

Faithful Is the Light

Though the earth turned away
Darker was the view
Barren where the branches
The light was faithful true

All throughout the season
Through the frozen chill
Empty was the harvest
The light was shining still

Roots within the deep
Warmed through darkest night
Stirred the inner core
A turning to the light

In the time ordained
Hope within the view
Consent unto Creator
The light comes shining through

When all is aligned
A path of joys delight
With burst of colors fruit
How beautiful the light

Translation of Light

A gaze into water
Of shining, so bright
Feeding the soul
Of song through the light

A simple reflection
Known in the deep
A moment of gifting
Of message to keep

A pulse of heartbeat
Of a prayer, sweet
Of Spirits connection
Here, now we meet

Translation of light
Of wisdom to be
Oh Lord, please flow
This treasure through me

Winters Light

Awake into morning
Of soft winters light
Connection to soul
Of brilliance so bright

Something is different
In the way it shines
Of emptiness filling
This heart of mine

In palette of silence
A warming to know
In dusting of diamonds
On a blanket of snow

Empty the branches
Offers intent
Rich are the blessings
Of Spirit that’s sent

Light and Soul

Shimmer, shimmer
Dawning light
Capture soul
With pure delight

Glimmer, glimmer
Middays light
Encourage soul
To do what’s right

Simmer, simmer
Noon days light
Dwell in soul
Spirits insight

Dimmer, dimmer
Flows the light
Rest the soul
In coming night