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Silent Light

Through silent light
The stars converse
The language of
The universe

And found within
Not absence be
But Presence full
The love of Thee

And everywhere
In moment still
This treasure blessed
To humble will

Through prayer of now
Gift of divine
Let Presence dwell
In soul of mine

Coming Light

Though the earth be dark and black
Horizon lights a glow
Colors bright chase the night
Of prophets call to know

For within the coming light
A blessing of the view
The hope for all humanity
The grace and love of You

Youโ€™ve ordained this moments time
Of day ahead to see
Each soul prepared to kingdom way
With holy gifts from Thee

With humble grace You let it go
Each soul of will to be
Let us embrace Your light of grace
To shine love joyfully

Oh, The Light

Oh, the power
Oh, the light
Oh, the shining
Radiance bright

Oh, the simple
Humble might
Presence here
Within our sight

Oh, the mercy
From our plight
Oh, the grace
Of cleansing white

Oh, the wisdom
Heavensโ€™ height
Gift to share
Of Your insight

Oh, the binding
Souls delight
Of the love
Embrace so tight

Within This Light

For here is where
Our Savior, meet
Within this light
His love complete

A gift for free
Just to believe
His treasure shared
Us to receive

Peace and hope
Mercy, grace
Eternal life
Of love, embrace

Our soul to shine
Our joy abounds
Good news to share
Our Saviors found!

A Shower of Light

Closing the eyes
In a silent prayer
And through the darkness
A vision appeared

From the source of One
Of radiance bright
A great outpouring
A shower of light

Cast upon all
These rays from above
From His sacred heart
His Presence of love

A gift of treasure
Of soul here to swell
Of eternal peace
The whole world to tell

Light Beyond

A moment of dawning
Of sunrise to gaze
A ponder of prayer
Of thought to amaze

93 million
Miles away
The light is flowing
To us this day

Countless rays bursting
Of beauty behold
Warming us all
Only 8 minutes old

And what of the light
Beyond the earth, be
Just like Your love
Flows infinity