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Light and Air

Through the blinds of window
Through the leaves of green
Flows the gift of morning
Virgin light pristine

Rising of the window pane
Stilling air serene
Breathing of the new born light
Refreshing, pure and clean

Whisper of this morning light
Arising of soul here
Turn of pause, attention
Drawing into prayer

For the One is calling
With love beyond compare
Light and air reminding
That You’re always near


Mornings Light Blessing

Bless me in this morning light
That I be faithful true
Cleanse my heart anew this day
That I may follow You

Fill me with the breath of peace
Still my soul in prayer
Align the view with heavens grace
To share Your kingdom here

Grace me in Your silence sweet
To seek the Spirits voice
Mold the heart with humbleness
Your love the only choice

Embrace me in forgiving arms
Your mercy may I claim
Let your model, model me
To let me do the same

Light Anew

A chance encountered
Of the written word
Inner of drawing
Something is stirred

A new perspective
One of known true
Unveiling a treasure
Of facet of You

A guiding of soul
Of way to above
Setting the course
In sharing of love

A gift of the Spirit
Let this soul cling to
A treasure to cherish
Of light birthed anew

Light and Love

We rest in the garden
Of filtering light
Graced with your love
Flows through this insight

Your love is a gift
That can’t be returned
Cast upon all all
Blessed and not earned

We have only a choice
To ignore or to hide
Blessed are those
Who seek and reside

Let us be aware
Our attention turn to
To cherish this gift
Grateful to You

Grief’s Light

When grief beset me
Emotions lost control
Direction without compass
Lost here is the soul

Treading path unknown
Perceptions gone askew
With heart of the numbing
Focus out of view

Walking the world’s path
Why is it they can’t see
What’s normal here for them
Isn’t now for me

In your missing presence
Words spoken the air
Desire of the knowing
Do they find your ear?

Oh, Savior walk with me
I know You’ll set things right
Allow a way to find You
And let me grasp Your light

I Want To

I want to just gaze at the ocean
Into the water of blue
Listen to gentle waves crashing
Knowing that all flows from You

I want to just dwell in the sunlight
Feel the warm glow on my face
One light that is blessed upon all
Receiving of Your precious grace

I want to just listen to silence
Peacefulness here to instill
For it’s Your intimate language
Perceived through a blessed soul, still

I want to just be in Your presence
Astounded that You want me too
Awareness in all of creation
Your light of peace flowing through

Great Light Appearing

Going to bed earlier
Tomorrow an event
A great light appearing
One that’s heaven sent

In a burst of glory
Darkness cast away
Warmth within its’ touch
Blessed on all this day

With anticipation
Let our soul prepare
Gift of underserving
That You love to share

Masterpiece of beauty
Praise in our heart fill
Wrapped in peaceful silence
In soul Your hope instill