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My Light

In joys of the soul
All the day through
In blessings discovered
My light surrounds you

In time of our prayer
Of binding pursue
Love of receiving
My light grows in you

In disappointments
Heart feeling blue
Let Me bear your cross
My light comforts you

In sunrise and sunsets
Of colors anew
In beauty abundant
My light blesses you

In serving the needy
Loving acts to do
We rejoice together
My light shines through you

Light Shines Uphill

A moment of morning
Of wonder to see
When the sun shines uphill
Seems to captivate me

So simple the message
This view here displays
In challenge ahead
Let my light lead the way

To pack the essentials
For journey this day
Preparing the soul
In time here to pray

A compass of Spirit
Soul be aware
Love, peace and grace
Gifts to be shared

The Light

What is in the light?
That the soul only knows
Through the lens of Spirit
Of blessed gift bestowed

What the lights’ language?
Of inner voice to me
Deep in love of knowing
Word of intimacy

What is of the light?
Fulfills our deepest needing
Basking of within
Spiritual of feeding

Who is of the light?
One of grateful prayer
In receiving and of giving
Your precious love to share

Light, Air & Spirit

A gift of outpouring
Of dawning’s beauty
Streaming pure light
Come wash over me

Air fresh and clean
Of sweet purity
One of the drawing
Come dwell in me

Presence is here
Of Spirit to be
Love of the binding
Come pray in me

A blessing of knowing
Of wisdom to see
A being of greater
Come let go of me

Come to Be

Found in every dawning
One to let us see
Past the dark of night
The light will come to be

When the outlooks gloomy
No answer can we see
A glimpse beyond the clouds
The light will come to be

With offering of prayer
Our hope in You to see
The dwelling of Your Presence
The light will come to be

A calling to us all
So hopeless now can see
Let us proclaim with joy
The light will come to be

When our day has come
The truth our soul we’ll see
The One beyond this world
The Light will come to be

My Light

Found in every dawning
With colors blessed anew
Offer of the calling
My light is seeking you

When the dark is falling
Stars come into view
Fear not my beloved
My light shines over you

Known within our praying
The Spirit shining through
Lamp to feet of guiding
My light is leading you

Deep within of dwelling
Message of the true
The flame of ever glowing
My light is loving you

Offer of accepting
My will, Your light pursue
Joy in the reflection
To shine the light of You


Blessed be the holy light
A gifting of divine
A grace filled tender touch
Rejoicing petals shine

Gratefulness arising
A sacred movement be
Of turning unto Thee

Roots of dwelling deep
The need of deepest yearning
Giving fullly to the light
A move of sacred turning

How glorious the gifting
To bask within the glow
One within the being
Of Your love to grow

May I be so humble
To let the flower be
My Spiritual director
Here now guiding me

Word to Be

Words impart
As morning light
Stirs the heart

Soaking in
The silent word
The inner place
Where Spirits heard

Treasures blessed
Words overflow
Showers gifts
Too much to know

Simple now
The way to see
As loves the only
Word to be

Morning Light

Come, come
Morning light
Over hills
Shining bright

Soak, soak
Morning light
Spirit flow
Warm insight

Fill, fill
Morning light
Welcome Lord
Clinging tight

Shine, shine
Morning light
Through the soul
With pure delight

Calm, calm
Morning light
Will be alright

Silent Light

Through silent light
The stars converse
The language of
The universe

And found within
Not absence be
But Presence full
The love of Thee

And everywhere
In moment still
This treasure blessed
To humble will

Through prayer of now
Gift of divine
Let Presence dwell
In soul of mine