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Look, Listen, Be, Pray

Look until you see
Become fully aware
Through the light to view
All surrounding here

Listen ’til you hear
A whisper deep within
To the still small voice
Of stirring to begin

Be until you feel
His grace to impart
His overwhelming love
Let it fill your heart

Pray until you know
His calling to reveal
How God is blessing you
With His love to share

Listen to the Morning

A soft gentle whisper
In light of adorning
Come now beloved
Listen to the morning

In screeches and caws
And buzz of the bee
The whispering breeze
A rustling tree

Sweet the birdsong
Echoes in the hollow
Soft the grass swaying
The wings of a swallow

A palette of silence
Allows this to be
Let the same stillness
Flow here into me

Let the Presence of peace
Here now take control
With gifts of the spirit
To sing in my soul

Come Listen Now

Come listen now
To mornings song
The Word to which
We all belong

Come listen now
In every breath
The Word He speaks
Beyond our death

Come listen now
To Word so clear
Beyond the lies
The world does share

Come listen now
With silent heart
The Word to still
His truth, impart

Come listen now
Beyond the ear
To know the Word
I love you dear

Mother Theresa, “I Listen”

A story is told
Of an interview
With Mother Theresa
A way of her view

What are the words
That you use to pray?
She said, “I listen”
Is what “I say”

Another question posed
Then what does God say
She replied “He listens”
And we go on that way

We pray with longing
Desire that we share
He responds with love
The Word is what we hear

A silent transformation
Of being we await
A binding intimate
Of way to contemplate


To Listen Without A Lens

Grant me the grace Oh Lord
Your wisdom to us send
Encounter with a soul
To listen without a lens

Be no paradigm
No judgment to construe
Bless me an open ear
No objective to pursue

Echoing their feelings
Compassion to convey
Granting them the gift
Of what they need to say

A space of comforting
Freedom to reveal
Voice within the deep
What they truly feel

Accepting of what is
Bring it unto to You
Giving You a chance
To cast it in Your view