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How Little We See

A gift in this morning
Of a blessing here
Ascending into
A cloud of prayer

Truth now before us
How little we see
So much of our life
Is a mystery

An offer so great
Assistance God sends
Of the Holy spirit
As our guiding friend

So, open our view
Of vision so great
Through eyes of the soul
To contemplate

All the Little Houses

All the little houses
In their yard be
Their walls containing
A family

Each with their fears
And struggles too
Sharing of love
And dreams they pursue

Souls doing chores
Or watching TV
Some feeling happy
Others lonely

As I drive by
An offer of prayer
May God’s peace and love
Dwell with them there

Just a Little More

With each sunrise
Outpouring of light
Each day becomes
Just a little more bright

A gaze in the field
Slight change in the scene
The pasture becomes
Just a little more green

With each passing year
Let the Spirit advise
Then we’ll become
Just a little more wise

Through our daily prayer
In the soul is shown
That Your love becomes
Just a little more known

Just a Little…More

Just a little silence
Can go a long, long way
Words of wordless wonder
Of being, let us pray

Just a little Spirit
A seed to inspire
Sending waves of joy
Can set the soul on fire

Just a little Jesus
Here can rescue me
Path of His way chosen
Leads to eternity

Just a little, all we need
This day to endure
Our gracious God, awaits
So, let’s all ask for more!

How Little That I Know

I have come to learn
The older that I grow
The wiser I become
How little that I know

I think I know someone
Got them figured out
A new dimension viewed
Assumptions turn about

When I can predict
Just how things will be
The opposite comes true
And God surprises me

For I just know one thing
That God is in control
Help me to live that fact
Believe it in my soul

Feeling So Little

I kneel in Your Presence
At the foot of the cross
Feeling so little
Words at a loss

Glimpse of immenseness
Of Your power, so great
So insignificant
My being deflate

Covered in light
Of precious love binding
A drawing within
Joy of the finding

Grateful accepting
Found identity
One of our being
Through humility