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Place of Living

Places of living
The first, about me
With all my needs
Living physically

Living from our mind
To think strategically
Of the past and future

Living from our heart
To feel passionately
Alive in the moment
One emotionally

Living from the soul
Love unconditionally
Eternal perspective
One spiritually

All throughout each day
We move willingly
Let’s pause with a prayer
To choose the soul wisely

Living from There

A world of desires
Each moment we see
Our ego is screaming
Come and please me

There’s a place deep inside
Found within a prayer
One of divine
Becoming aware

In Presence of love
One without fear
Of greater belonging
Let me dwell here

Let my deep desire
In living appear
In your precious being
Let me live from there

The Living River

On winter’s days last
When the angles just right
Shining through the trees
Flows a river of light

When morning awakes
We view the mist rising
Just over the hill
From river, realizing

If we are silent
Attune and aware
The sound of the river
Flows to our ears

The living river
One of the Spirit
Is flowing with love
If we seek to hear it

A Book of Living

The book of nature
Which all souls applaud
Is one for the ages
For its authored by God

Each page is a treasure
Of beauties expanse
That we take for granted
With only a glance

Come now beloved
And savor this gift
To find even deeper
Meaning to sift

A drawing, surrender
With our being whole
For rich are the blessings
When read with the soul

With each page of turning
Let Spirit reveal
A moment of living
Where one becomes real

A book of living
With our part to share
With Presence indwelling
Begins with our prayer

Living Word of Being

Father, Son and Spirit
You welcome us in to
Love of the divine
Gift beyond value

Truth of the accepting
Warmth in Your embrace
Treasure beyond know
Flowing mercies grace

Let us be of being
Deep of the within
Nourishing the soul
Soaking You all in

One of transformation
Of giftings to prepare
Living Word of being
Of Your love to share

Abundance Living

In being of prayer
So grateful, heart be
Of God generous
Word flows back to me

Rather than me telling
A lesson let me know
In how I live my life
This way, let me show

With gifts of abundant
Learn to give away
All that I’ve been blessed
In sharing here, this day

Possessions and money
But of greater value
The joy, peace and love
The treasures of You!

A Living Prayer

A new way of living
A practice to know
Being in the moment
Letting all else go

God is present here
Gifts surround to see
If can’t be happy now
Where else can I be

View a flowing river
As worries come this day
Name them in a boat
Let them drift away

A living prayer
Of being here
My loving God
Each moment share

Training the soul
Of blessings to find
Awareness of all
In sparks of divine

Living Word Consuming

A gathering of souls
In celebration great
Feast offered to all
In silence, contemplate

Living word consuming
Mystery foretelling
Blessed in precious grace
In being of dwelling

State of deep within
Time of moment stilling
A movement of the soul
Food of the fulfilling

One of the beyond
Past our comprehension
Letting Spirit flow
Way of the ascension

A Living Eulogy

A living eulogy
Of writing, here this day
If you are a parent
You scribe it anyway

Things you teach your children
Priorities instill
Way of life’s importance
Goals they will fulfill

People of surrounding
Of ones which they will bond
With character creating
Souls of which they’re fond

Did they treasure kindness
Or generosity
Show a love so pure
Self-sacrifice to be

A fallen broken soul
When they lost their way
Their story of faith written
Answered when we pray

Entrance to the door
Key of eternity
Will they trust our God
Let His love flow through me