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Longing and Belonging

Right now, in this moment
A practice which to share
Using all our senses
To be fully here

Listen in the silence
Taste and smell and feel
To see with souls’ vision
His Presence to reveal

One of great belonging
Of all creation be
Feeling a great longing
Rise inside of me

Found within loves’ binding
Restored, a new believer
In gratefulness of grace
Of giver and receiver

Jesus is Longing

Jesus is longing
His love to out-pour
Doesn’t want you to be
Separate anymore

He offers His cup
His living body
Come eat and drink
Consume, all of me

To become part of you
And you part of me
To live within you
In intimacy

I’m dwelling within
Making my home in you
Let your home be in me
Into being anew

(based upon words by Henri Nouwen)

Advent of Longing

Four weeks set aside
One purpose belonging
With prayer of the heart
Of our great longing

For God will not give
What we don’t desire
We ask for Him here
Await what will transpire

Hope in our soul
With faith trust in thee
Our focus of prayer
One of simplicity

We anticipate
Your will to be done
We long and we thirst
For the gift of Your Son!

Instilling of Longing

Surrounded in Gray
Of winters adorning
Awaiting the new
Colors of morning

A touching of white
In sprinkling of snow
In rising of light
Of a warming glow

Still water reflecting
The barren trees bones
A pure simpleness
Which the spirit hones

Fruit of the season
In this journey bare
Instilling of longing
Is the gift that you share