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Lord, Lord

Lord, Lord, Lord, Lord
Your Presence is right here
Love, Love, Love, Love
Surrounding everywhere

Soak, Soak, Soak, Soak
In your gift so true
Known, known, known, known
Acceptance here of you

Peace, Peace, Peace, Peace,
Worries to here to cease
Dwell, Dwell, Dwell, Dwell,
My will to release

Free, Free, Free, Free,
Nothing here to fear
Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy
Sharing everywhere

Lord You

Lord you paint the sky
A view sensational
Light blessed to each soul
So inspirational

Lord you fill the air
With Spirit as the song
A calling to each soul
To come and sing along

And you weave a tapestry
Of man and divine
Love within the stitching
Come bind this soul of mine

Lord you scribe the Word
So glorious your plan
Let me be the pencil
Held within your hand

Lord Are You Here?

When we are lonely
Lost in despair
The question is asked
Lord are you here?

In days of confusion
We look everywhere
Who has the answer?
Lord are you here?

In times of our struggles
A great cross to bear
A burden so heavy
Lord are you here?

The answer is found
By turning to prayer
The Word of love whispers
My beloved, I’m here

The message of peace
That love conquers fear
With an offer of joy
To share that I’m here

A Song Lord

Bless me a song Lord
A psalm, soft and clear
That you love me so
My soul longs to hear

Bless me Your peace Lord
Remain ever near
Be my protection
Cast away fear

Let me trust you Lord
My soul be aware
That all that I need
Is that You are here

Help me to serve
Compassion to care
Outpouring of love
The joy that we share

Tis The Lord

We know we are broken
We acknowledge our sin
We are fully dependent
Of our Lord dwelling in

Tis a gift to be simple
Tis a gift to be kind
Tis a gift to be joyful
When the Lords’ love we find

Tis a grace to be humble
Tis a grace to believe
Tis a grace to forgive
When the Lord we receive

We are one of the chosen
We are one of the way
We are one of transforming
With the Lord here, this day

We are blessed with a purpose
We are blessed born anew
We are blessed in His serving
With the Lord shining through

We Look to Our Lord

In mornings dawning
In path of new day
The horizon presented
In infinite ways

Gray sky is gloomy
Rain pouring down
Or brilliant light shining
Of colors surround

God of great love
Blessed us His Word
His Son lived the way
Sent Spirit stirred

When I can’t do it
There’s too much to bear
We look to our Lord
On the cross, find Him there

Turning to Prayer

Sacred the moment
On holy ground
When turning to prayer
Your Presence is found

Veil of unmasking
As true light shines through
Eye of soul seeing
The vision of You

Soul of arising
Attuning the ear
Whisper of guiding
The Spirit to hear

Flame of warmth glowing
Past world of disguise
Your peace consuming
Let Your joy arise

Blessed this treasure
Your beauty to see
Throughout all this day
Let this practice be

Sparkles In The Flow

Moment unexpected
Surprise within a glow
Blessed view to see
Gift that you bestow

Pool of light outpouring
Sparkles in the flow
You are my beloved
That’s all I need to know

Wisdom of the message
Easy letting go
Worries and my fear
Worldly to forego

Dwell within its truth
Store in soul to sow
Nourishing the blessing
Allowing it to grow

When life becomes complex
Returning to this fact
Beloved that we be
Will know how to act