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Beginning of Love

In mornings rising
Our first thought be of
The seed of our soul
The beginning in love

To the source of all love
Of new life this day
With a grateful heart
Be in Him and pray

Let our treasure be love
Each moment aware
The joy of heaven
To seek and to share

From Spirit to soul
To heart to our face
The light of our smile
And a loving embrace

My Love

My is not conditional
Based on what you do
An everlasting spring of life
To refresh your soul anew

Settle in my silence
My embrace, encompass you
Give rise to my voice within
Soak it and flow it through

It is good to think it
It’s great to feel it too
But better to drink it in
Your soul to pour into

So, think, feel and know it
To permeate your view
My child, my beloved
Forever, I love you

To Love Means

To love means loving
The unlovable
To forgive means pardoning
The unpardonable

Faith means believing
The unbelievable.
Hope means hoping
In the unattainable

Humility means knowing
We’re incapable
Grace is receiving
The unachievable

Joy is the blessing
Of His gifts sharable
Peace means trusting
In the unfathomable

Sharing Love

My spouse and children
It comes easy
Each of them to love

I can extend this
To my family
And each of my friends
To love them as they be

But what of the larger
Of one Christ’s body
To encourage and bless
Each part lovingly

Our Lord calls us greater
To share His love freely
Come now beloved
Love your enemy

Light of Your Love

Tender your love
You want us to know
As each day begins
With a soft warming glow

Ever present your love
Of knowledge to share
Past clouds and through night
Your lights always there

The gift of your love
In all of our days
We see your reflection
In so many ways

The depths of your love
Are always so near
Through the light of our soul
Known within our prayer

Expressions of Love

Look at the sunrise
Of moving beauty
One like it’s never been
Or again, will ever be

The gift of this day
Of what we will see
One like it’s never been
Or again, will ever be

Think of our life
Of everybody
One like it’s never been
Or again, will ever be

Expressions of love
God creates uniquely
A taste of heaven
For all eternity

With Love to See

A brush stroke of kindness
With love to see
Painting a landscape
Of surrounding beauty

A moment of pause
Gratefulness to employ
A drop in an ocean
Of a soul filled with joy

A simple little prayer
One thread to bind
Forming a cord
Of friendship divine

One step of faith
Of trust everyday
Aligning our compass
To follow His way


Our deepest desire
To receive and to give
Love is our treasure
We need it to live

Love is a feeling
We know that for sure
And we know the truth
That it’s so much more

Love is a verb
Action in showing
Love is a choice
A grace of bestowing

Love is a blessing
And we clearly see
Love multiplies
When it’s shared for free

Love is a bond
Joy in the giving
Love truly shown is
A sacrifice, living

Love is our God
Our God is love
Love is eternal
Through heaven, above

Sense of Love

Closing the eyes
To see behind sight
Found in the vision
A tender touch of light

Flowing within
Of a greater sense
Found in the drawing
A breath of Presence

Dwelling so deep
Of gentle embrace
Found in the longing
A feeling of grace

A moment of stilling
In surrender above
Found in your blessing
Such a sense of love

Love You Here

The church door is locked
I can’t get in there
A voice whispers, still
I can love you here

If I am honest
And acknowledge my fears
A voice of comfort
I can love you here

With our deepest wounds
Of sorrow to share
A voice of compassion
I can love you here

When I’m feeling lonely
And burdens to bear
A voice of love speaks
I can love you here

Wherever I am
Let’s be fully aware
To listen to the One
Who always loves us here