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Love Here in Morning

I love here in morning
Of Presence to be
Thought of the turning
That loves finding me

A pasture of light
On hillside of green
Into fields’ drifting
Of beauty pristine

Peace is prevailing
A movement occurs
In binding beyond
As the Spirit stirs

Soul of aligning
In One we belong
A fragrance of gifting
To carry along


You Love Me Into

Fully dependent
On your grace of giving
With every heartbeat
You love me into living

All of creation
And all that I’m seeing
in binding of spirit
You loved me into being

Grace overflowing
Compassion and caring
With souls of the needing
You love me into sharing

Now and forever
Love through and through
Eternal joy
You love me into You

Practice of Unity – Bonaventure

Father, Son and Spirit
Blessed Trinity
Calling us to love
In holy unity

Start with little things
Here now pay attention
Fall in love with it
For its Gods’ creation

Beginning with a rock
In your hands to hold
Can you love it still?
Though it be hard and cold

Next, to gaze at water
Reflect in its beauty
Then to vegetation
Plants, bushes and trees

Look at animals
Our compassion raise
Love of all these things
Giving God our praise

Then and only then
Let our heart prepare
To love other people
Our soul to really care

People not like you
A moving of outside
The comfort of our circle
Where unity resides

To imitate our Savior
In Father and in Son
And like Jesus say
He and I are One

Choose To

Awake in me Lord
And let my heart say
That I will choose
To be happy this day

Dwell in me Lord
Let me choose to pray
For all of your blessings
I’m grateful this day

Be with me Lord
May truth in me stay
Welcoming You
To be loved this day

Move in me Lord
A smile lead my way
Choosing the light
Of hope in You this day

An Offer of Thought

A thought to offer you
Perhaps a sacred treat
What if you shared His love
With everyone you meet?

To see each soul as broken
A needing in some way
To come with open ear
A smile in their way

One of warm acceptance
To meet them where they be
Find the way, connecting
A sharing space, safely

Open soul unto them
One of humility
A binding heart together
Of vulnerability

For they have a story
Allow their heart to share
What is in their soul
And know you truly care

Connecting through Spirit
To share lovingly
A new way of being
To live joyfully

Home in My Love

Jesus spoke to us
Wisdom of above
Beloved, “make yourselves
At home, in my love”

Our treasure of seeking
Love of which to yearn
A place to which we look
Forward to return

Joy within our sharing
A dwelling soaking through
A place to which, we
Welcome others into

Binding close to You
True comfort, find in thee
One of heavens grace
Place of eternity

Allow Me to Show

Won’t you give me a chance
Allow me to show
How much I adore you
Your soul truly know

Just be aware
Allow eye to see
Blessings abundant
Bestowed unto thee

I’ll send you a sunrise
Birds sing a song
A friend in the way
To side walk along

In conversation
In spirit of word
Love of eternal
My wisdom be heard