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Home in My Love

Jesus spoke to us
Wisdom of above
Beloved, “make yourselves
At home, in my love”

Our treasure of seeking
Love of which to yearn
A place to which we look
Forward to return

Joy within our sharing
A dwelling soaking through
A place to which, we
Welcome others into

Binding close to You
True comfort, find in thee
One of heavens grace
Place of eternity


Allow Me to Show

Won’t you give me a chance
Allow me to show
How much I adore you
Your soul truly know

Just be aware
Allow eye to see
Blessings abundant
Bestowed unto thee

I’ll send you a sunrise
Birds sing a song
A friend in the way
To side walk along

In conversation
In spirit of word
Love of eternal
My wisdom be heard

Everyone We See

People in a line
To buy a cup of brew
One of them stood out
Of my attention drew

Rubbing swollen belly
Of precious life inside
Comforting her baby
Love that she provides

Opening the door
One of different view
A crumbled broken soul
Of what the world can do

What wounded this young man
In path along the way
Who did not show his value
That let his life astray

Let us receive this message
In battle that we be
To share Your gift of love
With everyone we see

The Presence of Love

In grace, abundant
Of simple hearts prayer
Presence of God
Please find me here

A drawing of calling
Of focus above
State of the soul
The Presence of love

A beautiful light
Insight revealing
Gift of acceptance
Peace is the feeling

Within this moment
Of heaven’s taste know
In our God eternal
Let His perfect love flow

Love Love

I love you God
Are words I say
Our God is love
A question, pray

How do you love love?
One of receiving
Intimate binding
Gift of believing

The heart’s desire
Of longing, be
A gratefulness
Of soul in thee

Go deeper still
Be understood
For love is willing
The other good

Of souls, today
Open my eyes
Let me love you
Our Christ in disguise

Love of the Divine

It’s all about love
Jesus made it clear
Don’t miss the meaning
Of your life, here

For you were made in love
For love created be
Find, when you act in love
Your true identity

It’s an invitation
To our life eternal
It’s simple and that hard
Choice of the internal

For our God is love
Created in love, find
To be love therefore
Is to be of the divine

Overflow of St. Teresa of Calcutta

Our works of charity
Are but the overflow
Of our love of God
Let this truth here know

Therefore be the one
To God most united
Is he who loves the most
This love we’re all invited

To understand and practice
We all need to pray
For prayer unites to God
And overflows this day