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Let Me Love

Oh Lord let me love
And love abundantly
Lord, let me love still
If they don’t love me

Oh Lord let me rejoice
Through your joy, reveal
The wonders of your love
And let nobody steal

Oh Lord, grant me peace
Surrounding in the air
When world is of thieving
Restore it through our prayer

Oh Lord, bless me the grace
Of the letting go
To focus on Your light
Way of forgiveness show

Oh Lord, forever seek
Your love my treasure be
Foundation of our faith
Through binding into thee

Mutual Love

(Romans 12:9-16)

Let love be sincere
Evil let us hate
Hold onto what is good
Let our love be great

Honor one another
Do not grow slack in zeal
Be fervent in the Spirit
Serve the Lord genteel

In hope let us rejoice
Endure in affliction
Persevere in prayer
Giving our conviction

Blessing persecutors
Bless and do not curse
With hospitality
You grace to disperse

Rejoice with rejoicers
Weep with those who weep
Let us not be haughty
Friends of the lowly keep

Receiver Of

How grateful that
This sinner be
Receiver of
The grace of thee

You bless my way
In gifts bestowed
When troubles rose
Love overflowed

So underserved
And still light shines
I’m still in awe
Of gifts divine

What can I do?
Your Word unfurled
To bring Your love
Into this world

Making of a Sunrise

Making of a sunrise
Not something that we do
We just sit and be
And let it come from You

Gift that’s blessed to us
Not something we control
Its true beauty seen
Through the eye of soul

Moving of its colors
Joy is found right here
When the clouds descend
We know that it’s still there

Similar to God’s love
Shining everywhere
Blessed is the receiver
Reflecting in it share

Embrace of Grace

Come closer my child
Speaks one, full of grace
Even, closer still
Know my embrace

Relax in my comfort
Release now all fear
For all those in heaven
Are with us right here

All who have loved you
Connect in our bond
Sing in rejoicing
The love of beyond

Song of desire
A knowledge impart
May love of our God
Be instilled in your heart

Love Every Moment

From dawn of creation
‘Til eternity’s end
In each passing moment
Your love to us send

In each blessed moment
Of every day
You love us uniquely
In our special way

Whether we’re holy
Or we drift afar
You never stop loving
For that’s who you are

Beyond comprehension
With a love pure and true
Every soul of existence
Is cherished by You

A prayer for this day
With intentional choice
Let us pause in the moment
To receive and rejoice!

Blessed Greeting

Blessed is the greeting
For one to impart
Truly genuine
Love flows from the heart

In sparkle of the eye
Warmth in smile deep
Joy within the air
Your Presence flowing seeps

Treasure in the binding
Gentleness of touch
Filling of desire
That I need so much

Glimpse of knowing seen
Soul now is aware
How in every moment
That which our Lord shares

Know My Love

Know my love is tender
Know my love so sweet
Pure my love, complete

Know it is surrounding
Find it everywhere
Wherever you may go
See my love appear

Know my love eternal
Timeless without bounds
One beyond all measure
Unending it abounds

Know it is for you
Unique within your way
My joy in the giving
For you everyday


In mirror of Gods’ gaze
Truth for me to see
Raw honesty to flow
No good is born of me

Selfish is my ego
Pride of me to flair
Greedy disposition
Sin for me to share

But I have a Savior
Who sees another view
Loving transformation
Unending mercy spew

He calls unto the greater
Source of all good found
Gifts abundant blessing
Showered me around

Taught by servant parents
And souls of a light appeared
Who showered me with love
Treasured gifts to share

So if you see good through me
A message we’ll both know
It was a gift passed to me
I’m blessed to bestow

Returns from The Past

In days of gray sky
Of colors long gone
When vision is cloudy
A gift comes along

Blessing of sharing
Returns from the past
An act of love shared
Proves echo that lasts

One long forgotten
That grew in friend’s soul
Shines back to me now
A light that consoles

Hope shining bright
That Spirit imparts
The wind blows deep
Inside the heart