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Found My Lover

In the dawning stillness
As the light appears
And I found my lover
In the beauty shared

Within adoration
Of a silent prayer
And I found my lover
One of Presence here

Though I didn’t see
Until our eyes did meet
And I found my lover
Begging in the street

In a love so pure
Perhaps I’ll grow to see
When I find my lover
In my enemy

Me and My Lover

Me and my lover
Each dawning we meet
An intimate sharing
Our feelings complete

With a heart of compassion
No judgment to see
Encouraging always
The best that’s of me

A love that is true
Even if I stop trying
The thought of my lover
Sends endorphins flying

Rejoicing in joy’s
Laughter abounds
When I am confused
Wisdom is found

When sorrow finds me
Comforting fears
A warm embrace
And drying my tears

When my hearts longing
Throughout the day
My God and my lover
Appears when I pray