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Our Loving Place

Into our loving place
Through a being prayer
Resting in true comfort
Finding our home here

Easy be this dwelling
Where Your truth be known
That we are Your beloved
Where only grace is shown

Focus of true treasure
One of charity
Compassion for each other
Peace and unity

A prayer of desire
May Gods’ will be done
That every soul come gather
Into this place as One

A Day of Loving

Calling all disciplines
With each day to begin
A practice of loving
A simple discipline

First thought of consciousness
To become aware
God is blessing you
With His love right here

Treasure of our being
Of His love so true
Into soul of keeping
Completely soaking through

Rock of our foundation
The lens within our view
Here, a day of loving
His gifts flowing through

Into day of living
Whenever here may be
Joy within the knowing
My God is loving me

Loving Like Thee

Wash away, wash away
Lord please cleanse me
From all that keeps
Me from loving like thee

Souls of encounter
Lord, stir within me
A compassionate heart
Accepting fully

And when I pause
Lord let me see
I don’t know their wounds
Of their story

Not of my power
But of divine
A binding of seeking
Of Your joy to shine