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The Morning Before

Soft is the palette
Of this morning’s view
Were these the colors
That Mary saw too?

The morning before
Our Savior’s birth
Stillness so gentle
Of gifting to earth

Of palette to ponder
Surrender unto
Of message preparing
Peace granted to you

Did the Spirit whisper
Of wisdom to see
This is the last dawning
Of time marked, B.C.

Let us offer a prayer
May this day be the same
For all the lost souls
May our savoir they claim

Mary Of the Light

Dwelling in the garden
In scent of flowers bright
Found in holy space
Is Mary of the light

Beauty of surrounding
Still this sacred air
A simple conversation
Is One within our prayer

Love of her outpouring
A gift for everyone
Song of her desire
A knowing of her Son

Resting in sweet comfort
Peace surrounds this place
Humbleness of being
Encountering of grace

She Speaks to Me

Prayer before your statue
A reminder to see
In drawing of the deeper
I find she speaks to me

Words of wisdom whisper
One within the soul
Needed nourishment
Motherly console

Guiding of the Spirit
Gifting of His peace
One of trust and hope
Will here to release

Connection to beyond
A comfort that we find
A Mothers gentle way
Leads to divine

This Friday Good

Down from the cross
In your arms to hold
The light of the world
Your Son’s body, cold

The greatest injustice
You witnessed here
What could be good
From this worst nightmare

Did the Spirit prepare
In your prayer, contemplate
A lifetime of faith
Of a trust so great

Perhaps you did know
Someday that we could
That we would call
This Friday good

A lesson of wisdom
Through faith let us see
When we question God
Of how can this be?

A Practice of Grace

In words of scripture great
Way of Spirit wander
Reflections of our life
Taking time to ponder

In uncertain times
Behold I am the Lords
Be it done unto me
According to thy word

In good times and in bad
Let my soul glorify
Our Lord of precious love
Through Him be magnified

When friend ask for advice
The Lord let us pursue
With these simple words
Do what He tells you

To trust in you fully
A practice to embrace
Friend of the word true
To grow within His grace

Mother Mary’s Way

Oh, Mother Mary come to me
In share of our desire
Loving of the son of God
A calling of the higher

Oh Mother Mary pray with me
Of way to contemplate
The wonders of the mysteries
Of our God so great

Oh Mother May bless to me
A gift of grace to share
The spreading of the love of God
In finding your son here

Oh Mother Mary still my soul
Of wisdom share with me
The letting of the way of God
To say, just let it be

She Prays

A journey we’re walking
This day we embark
A view of the seeking
When lost in the dark

She prays in the grotto
‘Tween wisdom and light
For all of her children
A gift of insight

She whispers in love
To trust in the One
Our treasure of hope
The gift of her Son

Rest in her comfort
Find solace this day
Let us join in her grace
To pause now to pray

Let us stand tall
With Spirit to seep
We rest in the roots
Of faith growing deep

Mother Mary’s Shadow

Resting in Your garden
With sunlight streaming through
Air is fresh and clean
Nothing here to do

Oasis of the moment
Wonderful to be
Fragrance is of peace
Gift to just be free

Something of beyond
Simplicity of prayer
Blessing of the Spirit
Swirls surrounding here

Womb of drifting deep
Breath of Spirit flow
Gratefulness of binding
In You letting go

Sweet song of rejoicing
Echoes of embrace
Mother Mary’s shadow
Sings everything is grace