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We Are, In Need

A prayer to offer here
To our God, appealing
We are broken people
In need of great healing

Selfishness ingrained
World centered on me
We are sin filled people
In need of great mercy

In this stress filled world
Oh Lord it’s hard to cope
People in the darkness
In need of great hope

We are lonely people
Please Lord, won’t you send
One to share in love
In need of a great friend

Let us each be empty
In great need of filling
To receive Your gifts
If only we are willing


Quotes of Helen Keller

So much has been given to me
That I have no time to reside
And to ponder of that which
Things that have been denied

I cried because I had no shoes
Until that I did meet
A man that smiled at me
And saw he had no feet

The best and most beautiful things
That this world does impart
Cannot be seen or be touched
They must be felt with the heart

Character can’t be developed
By a life of quiet and ease
Only through suffering trials
Can a strengthened soul be achieved

Winters Light

Awake into morning
Of soft winters light
Connection to soul
Of brilliance so bright

Something is different
In the way it shines
Of emptiness filling
This heart of mine

In palette of silence
A warming to know
In dusting of diamonds
On a blanket of snow

Empty the branches
Offers intent
Rich are the blessings
Of Spirit that’s sent

I’ll Always Find You Here

I saw you in the light today
Through the winter chill
Warming glow of love
In peace of silence still

I bound with you in tears today
And you cried with me too
Comfort in your arms
Together we’ll get through

I heard you in the birds today
A happiness it brings
That lifted up my spirit
In joy of simple things

I felt you in my heart today
In rise of empathy
Helping of the suffering
With generosity

I glimpsed you in their way today
In act of kindness true
One of selflessness
Taught by love of you

I knew you in my soul today
In an unspoken prayer
In ways of the beyond
I’ll always find you here


Breathe me some morning
Of blessing this day
Attune to the Spirit
Of journey of way

Soul of desire
Connection above
Focus of being
Of one with your love

When eye is captured
By toil and sin
Quick be the turning
To prayer of within

Word of our story
Bound in your light
Souls of the way
Of your love, invite


Opening the window
An unexpected treat
A symphony of sound
One of birdsong sweet

Notes of high and low
Echo in the air
Chittering and chatter
A gift of morning shared

Each a song unique
A beauty that they send
Shared with gift of tongue
Their word can’t comprehend

A practice here this day
As mind gives up control
A new way to receive
To listen with the soul