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Layers of Colors

Layers of colors
Deepness of view
As this day is born
Let me be rebirthed too

A psalm of silence
Is gifted unto
In sweet surrender
I offer my silence too

Easy of finding
Your Presence true
In drawing of love
I offer my presence too

Comfort embracing
A prayer whispered through
Love of the flowing
I offer of my prayer too

In layers of drifting
Lights facets of you
Graced by your blessings
Let me reflect too


Simple bread and wine
The great mystery
Your body and Your blood
Here You offer me

Intimate encounter
Divinity so true
Please let me be worthy
Of consuming You

Dwelling of the deeper
Surrender be complete
Heaven of the now
Jesus here we meet

For is as Your way
A turning here to see
For in the transforming
You are consuming me

Knowing and Being

Into Your Presence
A knowing is heard
Deep beyond deep
Word beyond word

Comfort in binding
Of being part of
Prayer beyond prayer
Love beyond love

Home is the feeling
Of knowing sublime
Place beyond place
Time beyond time

Spirit is flowing
Our being is free
World beyond world
Me beyond me

No Poem Today

No poem today
Of which to share
The tongue is dry
The soul is bare

No song to sing
Of tune impart
For silence reins
Within the heart

A question why
My Lord unto
The heart to know
To trust in You

So be as is
Let the soul pray
A rhyme to sing
Another day

A Worshiping Community

I love to be
With those of Thee
A worshiping

In prayer unique
The chosen of

A binding here
For soul to see
One body blessed
Of unity

How I wish
The world would be
All as one
So purposely

But You will use
These humbly
To shine You love
So joyfully

We Are, In Need

A prayer to offer here
To our God, appealing
We are broken people
In need of great healing

Selfishness ingrained
World centered on me
We are sin filled people
In need of great mercy

In this stress filled world
Oh Lord it’s hard to cope
People in the darkness
In need of great hope

We are lonely people
Please Lord, won’t you send
One to share in love
In need of a great friend

Let us each be empty
In great need of filling
To receive Your gifts
If only we are willing

Quotes of Helen Keller

So much has been given to me
That I have no time to reside
And to ponder of that which
Things that have been denied

I cried because I had no shoes
Until that I did meet
A man that smiled at me
And saw he had no feet

The best and most beautiful things
That this world does impart
Cannot be seen or be touched
They must be felt with the heart

Character can’t be developed
By a life of quiet and ease
Only through suffering trials
Can a strengthened soul be achieved