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Really To

To gaze, to dwell, to draw deep
Really just to be
To hear, to taste, to feel now
This moment to be free

To soak, to breath, to savor
Really to receive
Presence that’s abundant
This moment to believe

To give, to yield, surrender
Really to let go
Freedom in releasing
This moment of the flow

To meld, to bind, embracing
Really to be here
Love within of knowing
This moment is a prayer

A Breath of Thought

A pause into morning
To contemplate
A taste of our God
And his power so great

In vastness of sky
Of the empty air
A pasture of peace
In Presence of here

A breath of thought
A spark of desire
Gift of the light
Of soul to inspire

Love is the word
Into of knowing
To open the spicket
Of the Spirit flowing

Mist of Trinity

Something beyond the light
This dawning here surrounds
A sacrament of Spirit
Is laid upon the ground

Dew of the anointing
Of Holy view to share
The mist of trinity
Of light, water and air

A moving of the Spirit
Vision of a prayer
Swirling, drifting, rising
Caressing soul with care

Blessing of consuming
A treasure of beauty
Wrapped in sweet surrender
A sacred place to be

Can’t Be

To hear what we can’t hear
To say what we can’t say
To feel what we can’t feel
To pray what we can’t pray

To write what can’t be written
To sing what can’t be sung
To paint what can’t be painted
To do what can’t be done

To be who we can’t be
To know what we can’t know
To fill what can’t be filled
To go where we can’t go

But all is possible
Through our Lord we find
A living miracle
The can’t be is divine

I Can Lend an Ear

Words of my Mother
Of ones I hold dear
“Please remember to call
If I can lend an ear”

When off to college
Arising my fears
You encouraged my heart
With words that you shared

Or raising the children
I was always aware
I could turn your wisdom
You were always there

Throughout my life
A note would appear
On rainy days
Your love I would hear

Though you’ve passed on
I hear your voice clear
“Please remember to call
If I can lend an ear”

Air is Filled

A glow upon horizon
Casts away the night
Gift of a new day
The air is filled with light

Above the soaring geese
As one they fly along
A gift of passing by
The air is filled with song

We feel a drop of water
Of which the clouds contain
A gift of nourishment
The air is filled with rain

We know within our prayer
Allow the soul to hear it
Gift of eternal love
The air is filled with Spirit

Of Sirach 28:30

Of wrath and anger
Beyond what’s right
Are hateful things which
The sinner holds tight

Turn now the mirror
Of my inner view
What is the anger
That I cling to?

A wound that will fester
Of pain to endure
An act of forgiveness
Is the only cure

With help from our Lord
Of His mercy to pray
As we’ve been forgiven
Let us follow His way

We Come to Know

We see in the horizon
Soft the warming glow
To fill the dark with light
That we come to know

We hear in the distance
Honking in the sky
Soon a flock of geese
Will be passing by

We feel a drop of water
Fall upon our skin
And know that from the clouds
The rain will soon begin

We know within our prayer
A voice within the deep
That speaks the Word of love
In our soul let it seep


Such treasures are blessed
And offered for free
Come now and claim them
For it’s so easy

A joy for the soul
Of visions beauty
The wonders of nature
Come pause and see

Forgiveness of sin
A gift of mercy
With a humble heart
Come, surrender to Thee

Of wisdom divine
Of life’s clarity
Of reading the Word
Come dwell, forsee

A conversation with God
In sweet unity
Of His precious love
Come now and be

Wash the Dishes

I wash the dishes
Growing angry
We all ate together
Asking why me

I wash the dishes
Out of duty
Pride in my heart
I’m better than thee

I wash the dishes
A chore that I’ll do
But I will grow bitter
When I get no thank you

I wash the dishes
A blessing to lift
An act of just love
I find joy is my gift