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Beginnings’ Offering

Priority to set
Of gifting to prepare
Awakening this day
Into our time of prayer

Beginnings’ offering
When the mind is clear
One of morning light
Within the open air

Stilling of the soul
To stir the inner ear
Speaking heart to heart
Silence that we share

Birthing of this day
Creator be aware
Of outer and within
Your Presence being here


Center, Center

Too busy now, to help the cause
Let Spirit rise, with Word to pause

Turn direction of my view
Center, center, soul in You

When I’m upset, in path today
May ego still, let my heart say

Refocus now of my view
Center, center, soul in You

When overwhelmed, with stress this day
Let the soul arise and turn to pray

An inner turn of my view
Center, center, soul in You

No formula within my prayer
Just be loved in Presence here

Fill with light within my view
Center, center, soul in You

It’s You

Hydrangeas are blooming
In beauty of view
Warming my soul
For all I see is you

Morning birds are singing
Sweet song flowing through
Spirit of the lifting
For all I hear is you

Friends and family blessings
Treasure to pursue
Love within the binding
For all I feel is you

Good God of our giftings
A message to construe
Deep, You dwell within us
The love I feel is you

The Humility of God

Let it all sink in
Our being to effect
On the humility
Of our God, to reflect

Hidden in a baby
Or in a piece of bread
Jesus took on flesh
Creation to be Fed

You cannot separate
Humility from love
For love makes us humble
Love is God, above

If God himself is humble
Let us truly see
In my life of living
How else can I be


Found in the Bible
The Greek word for sin
Is “Hamartia”
A thought here begin

Literally meaning
Missing the mark
In contemplation
With Spirit embark

What is my target?
Towards what do I aim
What is the prize
That I proclaim?

If I am honest
My sin does appear
For I am the center
Of my target here

Lord, let me repent
Let my goal be true
In living my life
May my center be You

A Gifting to Perceive

Lord I ask of You
A gifting to receive
One within Your view
Of knowing to perceive

One of souls’ encounter
Truly of the seeing
Vision of the deep
Of their inner being

Beyond the mortal skin
Appearance fade away
Past our brokenness
With everyone this day

To see as You do
To cherish them right here
Acceptance be complete
To bind with love, You share

A practice of divine
Of treasure to pursue
Only through the blessing
Of the grace of You

Another Belonging

This world of deceiving
I find myself longing
A store of the calling
Another belonging

A turning to prayer
Desire of longing
A calling beyond
Another belonging

One of the Spirit
Eternal of longing
A calling divine
Another belonging

Love of the sharing
Community drawing
Souls of the calling
Another belonging