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A Shower of Light

Closing the eyes
In a silent prayer
And through the darkness
A vision appeared

From the source of One
Of radiance bright
A great outpouring
A shower of light

Cast upon all
These rays from above
From His sacred heart
His Presence of love

A gift of treasure
Of soul here to swell
Of eternal peace
The whole world to tell

This Just Isn’t True

God will only love me
If the right things I do
The Word of God says
That this just isn’t true

He could never forgive me
If you only knew
The sins I committed
This just isn’t true

For I feel worthless
Of no great value
With no hope or purpose
This just isn’t true

For our God is love
Forgives the undue
For Jesus’s the truth
He’s got great plans for you

Choosing Joy

I have a choice
This day, I know
One of the heart
To all, to show

I turn to You
An offered prayer
Through grace I’m blessed
With gifts You share

A treasure chest
Of heavens way
Let me choose joy
In You, display

Your light to shine
And give away
When it runs dry
Return to pray!

Adoration Blesses

A gaze into this mystery
How adoration blesses me

Allows the soul to truly see
The light of You so lovingly

A drawing in of being free
Transfixed within of such beauty

A dwelling of security
Where time is found eternally

Bound within the trinity
Transformed within divinity

Of focus new, let passion be
The sharing of the love of Thee

State of Being

When the road is busy
To You, our will release
And come let our being
Be a state of peace

Give what we’ve received
Treasures of above
And come let our being
Be a state of love

And when we have fallen
Your mercy to embrace
And come let our being
Be a state of grace

Mercy, love and peace
In You, we are seeing
We pray, let our being
Be of Your state of being

St. Ambrose: Jesus Coming

Jesus’ coming
We celebrate
Three thoughts from St. Ambrose
To contemplate

Jesus has come
In history
Foundation is laid
Our legacy

Jesus will come
In majesty
Our hope within
What is to be

Jesus is coming
A mystery
Right here with us
Today, let us see

Chase the Night

Horizons glow
From left to right
As colors new
Chase the night

You send to us
This grand display
A offering
Of call this day

Let us begin
Appeal to Thee
To cast away
The dark in me

Now let us rise
Our mission be
To shine Your light
To all we see