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Breakfast of Morning

An offer of blessing
Of mornings invite
Breaking the fast
From the dark of night

A setting of silence
With pasture to dine
A quartet of sparrows
Sing songs so divine

We savor this silence
And drink in the light
A banquet of spirit
Is spread in our sight

A feast for the soul
Of love overflows
Abundance so great
We’ll take some to go

The Blessing of Light

From a night of darkness
Of blustery chill
Sky of snow falling
We awake to morn’, still

We blink once or twice
Rechecking our eyes
A miracle blessed
Of wonders surprise

A pasture of snow
Icicles formed
With a coating of ice
Each tree is adorned

Sun of arising
The scene to ignite
The world set ablaze
With the blessing of light

Every branch glows
Each blade of grass shines
Diamonds of brilliance
Proclaim joy divine

Falling Snow

A resting within
The soft morning glow
A vision of calling
In the falling snow

A welcoming in
Of the Spirit to flow
A sacred being
Through the falling snow

A dwelling within
This witness to know
Receiving the blessings
From the falling snow

A surrender into
This letting go
A holy drifting
Into the falling snow

A covering of grace
Of this way to show
Becoming a prayer
Of the falling snow

A Prayer of Falling Snow

Oh God you call to us
In many ways to show
This day you speak to us
Within the falling snow

A vision of such beauty
Stops us in our way
A simple falling into
Our being here to pray

With a psalm of silence
In gentleness of touch
Within each flake unique
That You love us so much

Sacrament of nature
For our souls to embrace
Countless are the blessings
Covered by Your grace

Your Window

Through Your window of presence
In prayer to reside
Of the Spiritual world
We’ll dwell on that side

Through Your window of grace
An insight is shown
Through the vision of soul
The unknown is known

Through Your window of sight
The world disappears
A glimpse of heaven
Of being appears

Through Your window of love
Of heavenly grace
Our home found in You
We can always embrace

Through This Door

As I walk through this door
I’ll no longer be one
But through our God’s grace
There will be three in one

With a true celebration
Let us all have some fun
Let the light shine upon us
Weather be rainy or sun

Of those seen and unseen
We thank everyone
With the love that they’ve shared
Our heart overruns

All of one body
As new family begun
But no longer my will
But Gods will be done

And for our first step
Of a long run
We’ll start with a prayer
Through Spirit, Father and Son

Restore My Being

Into your Presence
I come before
In my humanness
A time to adore

With shoulders of burden
Of stress that I store
It all melts away
Poured out on the floor

And worries and fears
As I start to pray
For by your grace
They all drift away

The greatest of all
Through the mercy of You
For all of my sins
Are washed away too

To restore my being
Of blessing to find
Gives this broken soul
A taste of the divine

Drawing of Life

Breathing a breath
Of moment right here
The gift of life sent
Through drawing of air

Praying a prayer
Through the Spirit, Holy
A share in the life
Of divinity

Loving the Lover
Becoming aware
The life of beyond
Of His grace everywhere

Be of a being
As a breath of a prayer
To carry a moment
Of eternal love, share

Sundays’ Window

On a Sunday morning
Of this winter’s day
A gaze outside the window
Of ingredients to pray

Just to let the soul
Find a space to drift
In day that’s birthed anew
With the light to lift

A gathering of deer
Look to welcome me
Drawing of the sense
Of community

Here the mourning doves
Found a place of rest
In our simple being
Just to feel so blessed

God beyond a window
No boundaries are found here
Taste of Your desire
Of heaven that You share

Would Say

Of our deepest thoughts
What would we all say?
An honest conversation
It could go this way

Everything about me
If you were to know
And all of my sins
Could you still love me so?

Just as I am
Could you accept me?
Could you please encourage?
The best that I can be?

Does my life have value?
Do I mean anything?
To a greater purpose
Oh what could I bring?

In my ups and down
What advice would you send?
When I need comfort
Would you still be my friend?

Would you be gentle?
With my greatest fear
Could you help me?
When death does appear

Come now hear the truth
The Word, Jesus would say
My beloved I am here
Let me love you this way