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Their beloved one suffers
Beside them they stay
Sharing compassion
Support, anyway

They are persecuted
For faith on display
Committed to path
Trust, anyway

Their body exhausted
Cross heavy this day
In unselfish love
Rise, anyway

Plea here seems hopeless
No word to say
Turning to Jesus
Pray, anyway

Highly insulted
Can’t believe what they say
Responding as Christ
Peace, anyway

View of perspective
One of the way
Waking beside you
Love, anyway

A Pilgrimage

A pilgrimage I set upon
In this new day of rising dawn

A moving forth, a choice was willed
To quench a thirst that You’ve instilled

A drawing to our holy place
Your guiding light to deeper space

Surrender is directions view
To mold the soul with grace anew

Amazement grows along the way
Through me now oh Spirit pray

Distractions rise, a challenge here
A Spirit guides, a door appears

A vision captured, mystified
That can’t be viewed with human eye

A journey with our Lord is gifted
A pilgrimage of no foot lifted

Entrance to the Garden

Entrance to the garden
Closing eyes in prayer
No need to look further
Finding You right here

River overflowing
Gifts within the light
Nourishment of soul
A spiritual delight

Let the roots grow deeper
Spirit here flow free
Branches ever stretching
Out in praise of thee

More precious than gold
Will of mine concede
Love of Your abundance
Is all I’ll ever need

Deep Within the Deep

Into adoration
Holy souls now fall
Intimate of sharing
With the all in all

Word of the beloved
Presence here now be
Nourished is the soul
Dwelling one with thee

Wisdom in the touching
Each a new insight
Eye of soul now seeing
Radiant the light

Time beyond of knowing
Grace here now abides
Desire of two binding
Hunger satisfied

Beauty overflowing
Treasure of their keep
Time of cherished being
Deep within the deep

Friends of the Morning

Friends of the morning
Greet me this day
Bringing their beauty
Offering of way

Born of the Creator
Of one purpose be
To worship in love
A vision to see

Scent in the breeze
Birds of sweet song
Bright flowers of color
Flow, we all belong

Let me fall into
Our one God of love
A piece of His kingdom
To lift all above

A Better Prayer

Prayer be of the changing
To give to Him control
One of trust complete
As keeper of my soul

Prayer is not designed
To change the mind of God
Or to tell Him something
He doesn’t know he’ll find

Don’t need to persuade Him
Or tell what to do
For our God of love
Wants the best for you

Because from the beginning
One purpose our God brings
He wants nothing more
Than give to us good things

Flowing from these gifts
Sometimes we may find
Not what we want right now
In the end divine

Let our prayer now be
Attempt to change our mind
Align our will with God
A better prayer we will find

Beauty of Exhale

Lord I come before You
With many ways I fail
Falling at Your feet
In beauty of exhale

Breathing out of burdens
Releasing of control
Into arms of grace
Healer of my soul

Shoulders of stress bearing
Unload the crosses weight
Into pure compassion
Receiving mercy great

Rest bit of the journey
Soul refreshed anew
Gratefulness abounding
In treasure that is You

Tsunami of Fears

Looming on horizon
Tsunami of my fears
Feeling of the hopeless
Turning now to prayers

Voice of desperation
Falls into the night
Arising as a whisper
The Presence of Your light

Fear not my beloved
I’m with you on the way
I will not forsake
With you I will stay

Still my faith be shaky
As challenge now arrives
Weathering the storm
Cling to Lord I strive

But to my amazement
I view an ocean clear
Body of pure grace
Relief in joy appears

Faith though storm is strengthened
As word of Lord stands true
Grateful be this soul
Forever cling to You

Pause of Eternity

If we’ll take a moment
Before this day, begin
To pause to just to be
Find Spirit dwelling in

We’ll find a gift of peace
Breath in the morning air
In the seeking light
To be found right here

Reception of His gift
Offered here for free
Accepted as His child
Love is finding me

Light is getting brighter
Beyond the now I see
Divine becomes the moment
Pause of eternity

Candle of the Soul

Resting in prayer
To be, contemplate
Spirit descending
Your gift radiate

In glorious Presence
Abundant Your light
Love perfect outpouring
Incredibly bright

Soul of receiving
A basking into
Divine of consuming
Radiance of You

Disciple of sending
Connection extol
Shining Your light
Through candle of soul