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You Are of the Spring

Through winter we endured
Bulbs planted in the earth
Such joy that it would bring
To see the flowers birth

When the birds return
Warming light shines through
Trees of blossom bloom
Can’t help but think of you

For how it warmed your soul
Such joy that you’d bring
Your memory entwined
For you are of the Spring

A pain deep in my heart
One of missing you
But let your lessons shared
Brighten up our view

We’ll hang some Easter eggs
Decorations share
And we will celebrate
You joy within us here

I See You

I see you in this flower
And feel your presence clear
A memory is triggered
A moment binding here

One of gift of sharing
In thoughtfulness of heart
Of the many ways
Of love you did impart

One of appreciation
Of beauty, pause to see
In gratitude of blessings
God has gifted thee

One of fragrance sweet
Of humbleness of way
Let me share your spirit
All throughout this day

A Trigger of Blossom

Let beauty of blossoms
Trigger the start
A memory of you
And the hole in my heart

Love of the missing
One that death stole
A longing for you
Can’t fill the hole

Memories arising
Your Spirit to flow
A warming inside
Love in the glow

Together we be
Your voice rings so clear
Remember, I love you
Know that I’m here

Grave Without Flowers

A grave without flowers
Some day we will be
Our fear realized
We’re a lost memory

A body decaying
Consumed by the earth
Without that of Spirit
What is our worth?

A message this day
To rejoice in our gift
A moment of life
To cherish and lift

Hope in Your promise
Our soul You rescue
Eternal our being
By love binding in You