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Hear Now the Message

Through the gray clouds
The light speaking clear
Shining within
Have you no fear

A soft gentle breeze
With calling to say
Give me your worries
Let them drift away

A tree standing tall
With Word to convey
Grow your roots deep
With faith this day

A cardinal appeared
With a song to tell
That in the end
All will be well

Hear now the message
With prayer to release
With trust in our God
Be covered with peace

Message In The Wind

Into dawn of morning
The Spirit to reveal
But in the cold and dark
Nothing did I feel

Then a gentle movement
A gift of winds’ caress
With message of purpose
Of ways for one to bless

To move dark clouds along
To help with letting go
Of giving wings a lift
The joy of dance, bestow

In ways of the unseen
Movement of the Spirit
Drawing its stirring deep
Of gifts to go and share it

Hope within the light
Compassion, love, and care
Encouragement of Word
Of finding heaven here