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Mind, Heart, Soul and Body

You take a mind confused
Of world view to see
Through wisdom of Your view
Gift faith of mystery

You take a heart that’s broken
Sorrow too much to bear
Mend it in Your love
Bind it in Your care

You take a soul that’s lost
With no direction found
Hope instilled with joy
Your Spirit to surround

You take a body stressed
Consumed with worried fear
Gift Your peace eternal
Found You’re always near

Mind, heart, soul and body
Bathed within Your light
Making all things new
Alignment that is right

Simple Mind

A prayer for only now
Simple may mind be
Welcoming what is
Blessed in front of me

Place worries on the shelf
For another time
In this moment here
Focus of sublime

Gazing at your face
Through spirit now to glean
Training of soul’s eye
Seeing of unseen

That which is which is
In your loves binding true
Of my being be
The purpose of the You