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Miracle of Reflection

Gaze into the water
What do you see?
A masterpiece drawn
Of passing beauty

A miracles moment
Of blessed reflection
Drawing the soul in
Spiritual direction

You bless it movement
A ripple of flow
Another dimension
For us here to know

Move left or right
Above or below
The scene is repainted
Perspective to know

Reflection of view
What benefits me?
Or one through the soul
Of wonders of thee?

Creation gifts silence
Of homage to share
In hope that all souls
Will join into prayer

Miracle of Story

A soul was sent to me
Blessed with story, shared
A parable of truth
One beyond compare

Labor of decades
Of enduring pain
A story came to birth
God’s glory to proclaim

Through obedience
Of spirit revealing
A miracle blessed
In two weeks of healing

Encouragement for soul
Let providence be heard
Binding in the Grace
Of the eternal word

A story’s conversion
To eternal peace
A message proclaimed
Deaths fear released

Through a faith filled soul
A vision in-between
Through facets of love
The unseen is seen