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Morning Mist Lingers

The morning mist lingers
The sunrise pours through
The Lord clearly shines
And the Spirit dwells too

So silent the rising
As birdsong begins
Stillness is drawing
A movement within

Inner of warming
A chill in the air
Prayer of beyond
Of being right here

And a reminder
Wherever we go
A beautiful comfort
Of peace here to know

Mist of Being

Blessed be the morning
Into soul of seeing
Sacredness is shared
In the mist of being

Holy filtered light
Of gentle colors shown
In witness of the moment
Is the known unknown

Easy be the letting
Surrendering of grace
Comfort of divine
Of welcoming embrace

Of Your Presence dwelling
From the forest deep
To rolling pastures green
Into my being seep

Stillness be the offer
Peace of binding be
Drawing into One
Of beloved unity

Every living being
Offers gratitude
Safe within the sharing
Its’ inner solitude

Something of the Morning Mist

Something of the morning mist
Finds comfort in my soul
Perhaps serves a reminder
That I’m not in control

A drawing of consuming
An easy, fall into
That takes the soul a drifting
Here of finding You

Soul of the arising
In shroud of comfort bring
Finding of the Spirit
Within our offering

A parallel of light
That only soul can see
A gift of finding love
In this discovery


An observation
Curious I find
A walk into the mist
Can change my state of mind

Found in the silence
A surface of stilling
Peace of existence
Moves the heart willing

One of the Spirit
Of sweet dissipating
In prayer, letting go
Of the soul rising

Creations example
Of water to be
In drifting above
The same flows through me

Spires of Mist

Found in the dawning
In clear virgin air
Between light and water
Awakening here

Spires of mist
Rise in the air
A mystical dance
In form of sweet prayer

Drawn to the light
An offer unto
A witness of calling
Of heavenly view

The light of love
Cast it’s embrace
Joy in the bonding
A blessing of grace

A treasure of capture
Of moments insight
Love in the binding
Of Spirit and light

The Mist and The Silence

A blessing this morning
Our Creator here sends
Of mist and the silence
Embrace of two friends

Of vision unseen
Fear of unknown
Through Spirit of trust
The way is shown

A drawing into
Invitation to share
A binding within
A canvas of prayer

An offer of lifting
Submission of will
Rejoicing in the joining
One of soul still

The Rising Mist

A view this day
Through window clear
Of moistures rise
Into the air

A moving flow
Of silent song
Inviting soul
To come along

So humble be
This drawing gift
In calling all
Of prayer to lift

A fall into
The rising mist
In Spirits way
Soul to subsist

Infuse into
A prayer of one
Our praise unto
The light of Son

Mist of Being

A gaze into
This morning’s view
An easy path
Of avenue

An offered mist
From water lifts
Unto the light
A prayer adrift

Twisting, turning
Dancing free
Praising, singing
Rejoice to be

How beautiful
This silence song
Oh carry me
With soul along

Message clear
Of deep insight
A being gift
Of seeking light