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Arch in the Mist

I have an ego
Through lens which I see
Help me to remember
It’s not about me

Here as a mortal
On earth to reside
Through life of the spirit
It’s known there’s two sides

A life that is blessed
With wisdom to know
Towards the divine
To always grow

We can be sure
With faith and with trust
That the Holy spirit
Is seeking us

Sometimes it’s not clear
In mist of the way
With perseverance
Let our soul pray

And in our meeting
Our rejoicing, great
Let’s grow together
Before it’s too late

The Mist

And it’s by the mist
The world disappears
When wonder abounds
The soul comes aware

And it’s in the mist
Sweet song sings clear
Blessed be the soul
Of praises to hear

And it’s through the mist
The light does appear
Forming the vision
Of beauty to share

And it’s of the mist
This moments’ a prayer
Of Spirit surrounding
Is of everywhere

A Friend of the Mist

Of advancing years
Morning prayers to subsist
I’ve come to be
A friend of the mist

Of water and field
Of dwelling to drift
From earth unto heaven
Of being to lift

A lesson of soul
Of a time to be
Of one to let go
When the Lord calls me

A lesson of practice
Of faith here to see
One of a moment
Or eternity

Mist Before Dawn

Of one to awake
A vision to be
Before mind can go
With souls’ eye to see

A vapor of being
In pasture be drawn
Losing oneself
In the mist before dawn

A journey with into
Of silence to fill
A setting of prayer
A gift to be still

For our deep desire
To be of the greater
Come be within
The breath of Creator

Mist of Trinity

Something beyond the light
This dawning here surrounds
A sacrament of Spirit
Is laid upon the ground

Dew of the anointing
Of Holy view to share
The mist of trinity
Of light, water and air

A moving of the Spirit
Vision of a prayer
Swirling, drifting, rising
Caressing soul with care

Blessing of consuming
A treasure of beauty
Wrapped in sweet surrender
A sacred place to be

Mist to Subsist

A blessing of rising
Of prayer to subsist
One to fall into
A morning of mist

A statement of faith
To give up control
To dwell in unseen
Food for the soul

The comforting Presence
Of silence is found
Easy the knowing
The Spirit surrounds

A palette of offer
To contemplate
The dwelling within
Your being so great

Morning Mist Lingers

The morning mist lingers
The sunrise pours through
The Lord clearly shines
And the Spirit dwells too

So silent the rising
As birdsong begins
Stillness is drawing
A movement within

Inner of warming
A chill in the air
Prayer of beyond
Of being right here

And a reminder
Wherever we go
A beautiful comfort
Of peace here to know

Mist of Being

Blessed be the morning
Into soul of seeing
Sacredness is shared
In the mist of being

Holy filtered light
Of gentle colors shown
In witness of the moment
Is the known unknown

Easy be the letting
Surrendering of grace
Comfort of divine
Of welcoming embrace

Of Your Presence dwelling
From the forest deep
To rolling pastures green
Into my being seep

Stillness be the offer
Peace of binding be
Drawing into One
Of beloved unity

Every living being
Offers gratitude
Safe within the sharing
Its’ inner solitude

Something of the Morning Mist

Something of the morning mist
Finds comfort in my soul
Perhaps serves a reminder
That I’m not in control

A drawing of consuming
An easy, fall into
That takes the soul a drifting
Here of finding You

Soul of the arising
In shroud of comfort bring
Finding of the Spirit
Within our offering

A parallel of light
That only soul can see
A gift of finding love
In this discovery