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Find Me There

The light pours through the windowpane
And I become aware
In fragrance of the flower’s breath
I feel your presence here

Find deep within your soul
The love of which we share
In times of deepest longing be
You’ll always find me there

Your whisper in the silence speaks
My child, I love you so
And though we found it difficult
It came my time to go

Find deep within your soul
The love of which we share
In times of deepest sorrow be
You’ll always find me there

In words beyond our tongue could speak
With you in a new way
Closer of our binding be
To be with you always

Find deep within your soul
The love of which we share
In times you’re feeling all alone
You’ll always find me there

Ingrained within your heart
My love I hope you find
Reflection of our memories
Of love beyond all time

The warming of your soul
The love of which we share
In thought of deepest memory
You’ll always find me there

Look to me throughout the day
When you hear a cardinal sing
Glimpsed within a child’s joy
We’ll think of happy things

Feel deep within your soul
The love of which we share
Practicing of simple things
You’ll always find me there

The joy within this Mothers day
The blossoms everywhere
The hope of heaven here to be
I feel you oh so near

Know deep within your soul
The love of which we share
The promise of eternity
You’ll always find me there

Know deep within your soul
There’s nothing now to fear
For when it comes your time to go
You’ll find me waiting here

Moms’ Meals

Meals you prepared
All for your family
Love that you shared

Driving and shopping
Table of setting
Cleaning the dishes
No complaining or fretting

Now that I’m older
Reflection to see
Little help that I offered
And I feel so guilty

I wish I could thank you
Shown how much I care
In the time you were with us
But your no longer here

In a whisper of prayer
I begin to see
A mother forever
You’re still teaching me

Love must be spoken
In our words, that is true
And shared in a lifetime
Of acts that we do

My child beloved
I did it because
It’s the joy in my calling
Because that’s what love does

Missing Mom

Oh how I do miss you
Embrace that I long for
To hear your sweet voice
Mom that I adore

Arising in the soul
Your whisper flowing through
Beyond my worldly senses
I know the voice of you

Hold me in the silence
Way of the beyond
Love in the perfection
Let Jesus be our bond

Here I’m always with you
Wherever you may go
A new way of the showing
With love for you to know

Mom’s Voice

Oh Ma, I hear your voice
The things that you adore
Ingrained with my heart
Lessons that you stood for

A pure heart of giving
Generosity dispersed
Always to remember
Think of the other first

When you see injustice
The powerful demand
Here now, raise your voice
Always take a stand

Never miss a chance
To practice compassion
Or save a dollar here
To get the latest fashion

Priorities of life
One of family
Little acts of kindness
Planting of beauty

Remember to be kind
Taking time to see
Joy in the little ones
Air of humility

Rejoicing in good news
Happiness it brings
Casting of the view
To speak of happy things

Words that formed my life
Wisdom of value
Help me to live these acts
As unselfishly as you

Remnants of Mom’s Home

Hope you’ll pause a moment
Glimpse tulips of new birth
Joy to appreciate
The beauty of this earth

Hope that you will notice
Spring birds that gather ‘round
Practice some compassion
With seed upon the ground

Hope you’ll catch a scent
From stove that will entice
Making of a family
One of self-sacrifice

Hope before your dinner
With Spirit in the air
Grateful for the blessing
To be gathered here

Hope when times are tough
Long for a place to be
You’ll say a little prayer
And find me guiding thee

Mom’s Way

Though you’ve passed beyond eye’s sight
We’ll find your Spirit here
Shining through in many ways
The gifts that your life shared

We’ll see you in a sunny day
Our spirit you will lift
Stirring heart be generous
In offering a gift

Dwelling in the innocence
Of child of the way
Share the Word of kindness
To brighten now their day

Found in decorations
As tinsel on a tree
Celebrations of our life
Dinner with family

With eye of awareness
God’s creatures suffering
Heart full of compassion
Food of the sharing

When the world is tempting
And selfishness we thirst
Remind us of your motto
Think of the other first

In hardships of this life
Be quick to turn and pray
Foundation of our soul
Our Lord be our mainstay

Your love flows through our veins
Through sacrifice of love
We’ll find it shining through
In One love from above