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A Beautiful Moment

It’s such a blessing
Of heart that’s content
To see this is such
A beautiful moment

To dwell fully here
To be, fully present
To know this is such
A beautiful moment

The joy of our life
To receive the love sent
To feel this is such
A beautiful moment

In eternities view
To see what life meant
To say it was such
A beautiful moment

A Simple Moment

A simple invitation
If the heart is willing
To bless the soul within
A moment of stilling

A simple decision
In faith of believing
Our Lords grace within
A moment of receiving

A simple surrender
In Spirit so freeing
To breathe deep within
A moment of being

A simple Word of love
Of overwhelming sense
Soaking of within
A moment of Presence

A simple prayer
Indwelling, internal
Of His peace within
A moment, eternal

Sacred Moment

What’s a sacred moment?
Simply to be aware
That God’s grace is present
Letting it appear

Is not complicated
Simply to be still
One of inner silence
Surrendering our will

Nothing to be earned
Simply to be free
Acknowledging the Spirit
Flowing here through me

Nowhere now to go
Simply to be here
For this is holy ground
Found within a prayer

A Moment Of

A moment of sunrise
Of stunning beauty
A thousand words
Could not describe thee

A moment of silence
Of stillness to claim
A thousand songs
Could not sing the same

A moment of prayer
Completely adored
A thousand sweethearts
Could not love me more

A moment of Presence
With our God to be
With gift of one Word
Of eternity

Value of a Moment

The value of a moment
Sometimes we’ll never know
Until we gain perspective
Of memory to show

Snow angels in winter
Stars of a summers’ night
The smell of spring rain
Waves of oceans’ light

Let the Lord lead us
And show us the way
With vision of soul
To pause and to pray

It’s only when we see
Through eyes with His view
Allowing soul to capture
A moments’ value

Each Moment Last

It came to me
In my days last
My life went by
Just way to fast

Oh to return
To youth of past
Who rushed away
My moments’ vast

For time in prayer
Of moment cast
In wisdom let
Each moment last

From busyness
Let me now fast
With God to dwell
Until my last

Of a Moment

Let’s share of a moment
Of predawn insight
One of transition
From darkness to light

Let’s be of a moment
All to release
Of blessed surrender
A soaking of peace

Let’s pray in this moment
With silence of Word
Of stilling the mind
And the soul be stirred

Let’s treasure this moment
Of one that we dwell
For one of your Presence
Is really lived well

Moment to Be

The blessing to be
Of soul to revive
The solemn moment
When the day comes alive

The light of to be
Of beauty’s surprise
The holy moment
Of this day’s sunrise

The peace of to be
Of stillness conveying
The sacred moment
When creation’s praying

The love of to be
Is dwelling right here
Your Presence of moment
Of calling to share

Bring Me

Bring me to this moment
The soul to be aware
To be fully present
Right now, and right here

Bring me to my senses
To taste and feel and see
Of the abundant ways
That God is blessing me

Bring me to be grateful
For nothing I deserve
Let joy fill my heart
A turn to go and serve

Bring me to be humble
With His gifts to share
Reflection of His love
Shining everywhere

One Drop of Moment

A prayer of the morning
Of the chapel within
How great are Your treasures
Of this way to begin

Into great silence
Our being is whole
The power of Presence
Embraces the soul

Light of reflection
Sets all aglow
The Sprit is swirling
Just love here to know

In stillness of time
It’s easy to see
How one drop of moment
Is eternity