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Moment of a Butterfly

Moment of a butterfly
A flower blessed with wings
An offering of gifting
Of joy to heart it brings

Drifting on a breeze
Dancing in the light
Oh, to be so free
Spirit of delight

Let us join within
Of soul to be carefree
Rejoicing in this moment
Of breath God blesses me

A dancing here and now
Of celebration be
Light of soaking, shining
Of God’s love here in me

Accepting the baton
From messenger of prayer
Grace of the receiving
Love and joy to share

In This Moment Here

God sent us the Spirit
Let us be aware
To be of His dwelling
In this moment here

Practice of present
To nurture and grow
The seed of the moment
Of Spirit to know

Stay where you are
Of being allow
Tasting the fruit
Of God with us now

Of Spiritually living
Of our God’s view
That’s somethings at work
He’ll reveal to you

And so be here
Be quiet and still
In fullness of moment
The soul to be filled

(based upon words by Henri Nouwen)

Of Moment

Savor of moment
The realness of here
Deep be the dwelling
Drawing fresh air

Beauty of moment
In facets of light
Colors of beauty
Surrounding delight

Presence of moment
The soul to concede
The love of our God
Is all that we need

Being of moment
Of beauty to share
The realness of Presence
Makes our life a prayer

A Moment

Heed the Spirits whisper
As busyness abounds
Pausing with a prayer
A moment to be found

Wisdom of the drawing
Time of soul to see
The treasure that is
A moment shared with Me

A greater view of finding
Letting truth be shown
Deep within the soul
A moment of love known

Peace of the instilling
In day ahead of me
In heaven of the now
A moment to be free

For life is but a moment
Let me cling to Thee
A moment of the turning
Into eternity

Mystical Moment

The morning mist mixes
With hues pink and blue
A mystical moment
Of light shining through

Songs of uniqueness
Surround in beauty
Brother of stillness
Blends in sweet harmony

Rolling green pastures
Covered in dew
Of heavens connection
Flows into view

A drawing of binding
Is calling to me
A prayer of the soul
Is my offer to Thee

This Sacred Moment

Into Your Presence
Drawn into the light
In this sacred moment
Everything’s right

One with our Savior
To him the soul cleaves
Heart of declaring
I don’t want to leave

Fully accepted
Enwrapped in love
Knees on the floor
Yet dwelling above

A taste of heaven
Found in this prayer
This joy and love
Let us go and share

A Moment of Intent

Just a moment of prayer
So busy, it’s tough
We hear our God say
It is enough

A voice of compassion
Of meeting us here
Comfort of knowing
One of great care

That He is with us
In our life to share
An offer of carry
Of our cross to bear

Being of knowing
One that adores
A drawing of deeper
He wants to bless more

Being in Moment

In being of moment
A moment of being
A freeing of moment
In being of freeing

In connection of moment
A moment’s connection
Affection of moment
Connections affection

In dwelling of moment
A moment of dwelling
A swelling of moment
In dwelling of swelling

In being of dwelling
A dwelling of being
A swelling affection
In affection of freeing

Moment of Being

A practice of letting
View of the seeing
A witness within
This moment of being

Into awareness
A blessing so freeing
In this moment real
I am of being

Inner of stirring
Through Your Spirit sent
Embraced in your love
Being of moment

Let go and let in
This moment within
In binding of three
This being begin

One Moment

One minute of prayer
Is all I’ve time for
In Presence of love
With the One I adore

One breath of Spirit
To dwell in the deep
To permeate all
In the soul to keep

One act of loving
To start this day
With desire of more
In living the way

One moment of heaven
Eternity find
Of many more
Be our state of mind