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Content of Moment

In content of moment
A beautiful “be”
For it is as you wish
Blessed perfectly

Welcoming all
A prayer here to start
Receiving as “is”
For I am a part

Encompassed in being
In heaven abscond
Fully in “here”
Love is the bond

Awareness the gift
Of your Presence true
One of surrender
As wisdoms the view

A Moment of Pause

In time of worship
A silent retreat
A moment of pause
Is blessed to us sweet

One of souls soaking
Of wisdom to show
Of nourishment filled
Time later to know

In our decisions
Return of this time
Before egos reaction
Of ponder sublime

When anger arises
Return to the soul
Of peace’s stilling moment
To give You control

Time blessed to others
One of open ear
To listen intently
These moments to share

In This Moment

Oh, what a treasure
To dwell in Your light
In this moment shared
Everything’s right

For You bear my burdens
Security, know
In this moments safety
Letting all go

Enwrapped in the Spirit
Love so complete
In this moment drifting
Divinity sweet

Peace of instilling
Presence permeates
This moment transforming
New way, create

Sacred Moment

In this sacred moment
Of prayer to exercise
A wonder of beauty
A treasure to realize

The universes’ creator
Of billion souls to see
He gives His full attention
This moment here to me

Pouring out His blessing
His beloved, adored
Compassion in His eyes
He couldn’t love us more

Beyond our comprehension
Hard to just believe
All He asks right now
To be and to receive

This Moment of Grace

In moment of Presence
Of letting You pray
Adrift in beyond
Of Spirits bouquet

As a ray of light
All You convey
To cling to this thread
A tether of way

Let us dwell deeply
Allow to let go
Gifts of instilling
That soul only knows

Resting completely
In heavens embrace
A bond beautiful
In this moment of grace

Empty, Quiet Moment

The room is empty
But full is the view
Soul of the knowing
The Presence of You

Resting in quiet
Silence is heard
Wisdom is spoken
One of Your Word

The moment is frozen
All here is still
A movement of love
One of Your will

Prepare the journey
Of inner to pray
A gifting of peace
To take on the way

Moment of Joy

Moment of light, Gift of insight
One of delight, Precious true

Binding embrace, Showered with grace
Holy this place, Blessed by You

Dwelling of deep, Spirit to seep
Treasure to keep, Soul renew

Presence aware, Fragrance to share
Cling to me near, Through and through

Glimpse that You show, Soul here to know
Where I may go, Be my view