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Moments of Day

The quiet of morning
Of gentle light lay
Let this moment of peace
Feed our soul this day

Let the Spirit now guide us
Taking moments to pray
Relationship binding
In life everyday

When we see the needy
Let us serve in some way
And may we receive
When we need help this day

Our purpose, oh Lord
To give Your love away
From the source of all truth
How You love us this day

In our joys and sorrows
By You Lord to stay
Our moments of faith
May we trust you this day

Oh, how we’ll rejoice
When we hear Jesus say
How blessed where our moments
At the end of our days

Quiet Moments

A few quiet moments
On a soft Sunday morn
A few seeds of peace
From the Spirit are born

Nurture them gently
Fostered in prayer
A dwelling within
Of gratitude share

Basking in warm light
Allow love to grow
A surrendering will
Allows faith to flow

Consume me Lord
In this soul of mine
In core of our being
Let your joy shine

A few mustard seeds
In the soul to reside
Oh Lord stretch the branches
Of Your love far and wide

Heavens Shown in Moments

Heavens shown in moments
In glimpses, flashes, rays
With no explanation
Leaves the soul, amazed

Moments of our lives
Grace was on display
Cast a new perspective
Response to only pray

Ones that touched the soul
A miracle of view
Message of the light
Your love came pouring through

Rejoice and recognize
Truth in the unreal
Cling to and to share
Parables to reveal

Let us become aware
Attune the soul to see
Coming to believe
To trust the mystery

A Few Moments

I know that you’re swamped
So busy you be
Just for a few moments
Come rest here in Me

You’re My heart’s desire
Come let me love you
Just for a few moments
Let Spirit flow through

Gift of my peace
To settle your soul
Just for a few moments
To give up control

A practice connecting
My gifts to receive
Just for a few moments
I’m in you, believe

In last days of finding
These moments turn to
Reflection of treasure
Or eternal view