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Surrounding the earth
What is it to know
In the night sky
The moon casts its glow

Moving the tides
Of the ocean blue
Catching my gaze
It draws me it too

One of reflection
In darkness of night
Of different phases
In shining the light

Perhaps of a calling
As the prophets do
A purpose of showing
The beauty of You

Moon Still Shines Through

Though darkness arises
The moon still shines bright
Announcing the gift
Of the coming light

In brilliance of white
Joy that it brings
Even still water
Ripples and sings

Through unknown of darkness
Its’ message glows through
Reflection of hope
Will come into view

Let us turn east
Our way to employ
With praise let us sing
In hope and true joy

A Response

Winter moon of morning
Lingers in the dawn
Reflection on the sun
Sends its light along

Rippling on water
In waves of peaceful flow
Dancing on a palette
Its song for us to know

I am not the source
But one who eye can’t see
Creator of all things
Of purpose set for me

I’m but a response
Of gifts poured from above
My prayer for you this day

To reflect my love