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The More of You

Window of light
Window of love
A narrow gate
Of dwelling above

A passageway
Of the Spirits flow
Of Presence abiding
For soul here to know

Deep the desire
Let my passion be
Focused on letting
In seeking of Thee

For the more of You
That I come to know
The more of You I want
Of drawing You bestow

The More

Something occurs
As I pass through the door
Into Your presence
That speaks of “the more”

Muscles relaxing
Bones hit the floor
Grace overwhelming
Your being, outpour

Me, dissipating
Soul at the core
A melting into
You to adore

Abundant Your blessings
Of treasure galore
The compass resetting
Of way to restore

Just a Little…More

Just a little silence
Can go a long, long way
Words of wordless wonder
Of being, let us pray

Just a little Spirit
A seed to inspire
Sending waves of joy
Can set the soul on fire

Just a little Jesus
Here can rescue me
Path of His way chosen
Leads to eternity

Just a little, all we need
This day to endure
Our gracious God, awaits
So, let’s all ask for more!