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Morning of Birdsong

How blessed be the soul
Of gifting to belong
To find oneself within
A morning of birdsong

A symphony surrounding
Of welcoming into
A prayer of simple drawing
One consuming you

In stirring of the soul
A tune known of the heart
One of wordless wonder
Of pure praise to impart

With the voice of soul
An offer of the gifting
To sing in silent prayer
In joy of the uplifting

Window of the Morning

The calling of the Spirit
In the light of dawning
Opens unto us
Window of the morning

Incredible the blessings
Of which our God does give
Offered unto us
Is the choice to live

Sip the coffee slowly
Draw the fresh air deep
Allow the love of God
Into the soul deep

Pause within each moment
In sight, sound and flavor
The goodness of our God
In our soul to savor

Prophet of the Morning Sky

In sky above
Of gentle hue
The prophets voice
Speaks in the view

In life ahead
Find both be true
In joys of pink
And sorrows blue

Within our prayer
May fears subdue
As blessed light
Comes shining through

A path this day
Let us pursue
In sharing both
In love with You

Word to Be

Words impart
As morning light
Stirs the heart

Soaking in
The silent word
The inner place
Where Spirits heard

Treasures blessed
Words overflow
Showers gifts
Too much to know

Simple now
The way to see
As loves the only
Word to be

Morning Light

Come, come
Morning light
Over hills
Shining bright

Soak, soak
Morning light
Spirit flow
Warm insight

Fill, fill
Morning light
Welcome Lord
Clinging tight

Shine, shine
Morning light
Through the soul
With pure delight

Calm, calm
Morning light
Will be alright

Into the Morning

I went into the morning
And listened to the rain
Watched the clouds a drifting
A knowing ascertain

A gentle breeze was blowing
The air was fresh and clean
Birds were serenading
Wisdom in the scene

Something of the greater
Found in letting go
A lifting of the higher
Yet drawing in to know

I found myself just being
A listening of prayer
For stilling in a moment
Finds You everywhere

A Simple Morning

A simple morning
Sweet the bird sings
A soft gentle rain
Of blessing it brings

Colors of autumn
A masterpiece
Embrace of surrounding
In gifting of peace

Warm the light filters
In love that it flows
A calling of stillness
That the soul knows

A prayer to fall into
A knowing of grace
For I see You
All over the place

Of Morning

Stillness of morning
Is gifted to you
A place for the soul
To open your view

Peace of the morning
I offer to you
My hope of this gift
Of your soul to soak through

Light of the morning
I bless to you
Of hope and of joy
Of stirring anew

Drawing of morning
To find Me here
With desire of love
To join in our prayer

There Is

There is a special beauty
In the morning light
That’s sparks within this soul
A joy of pure delight

There’s a special silence
In the morning grace
That comforts here the soul
One of your embrace

There’s a special being
In morning that occurs
Found within our prayer
One that Spirit stirs

There is a special Presence
In morning right here
That connects to soul
With You here to share

There is a special feeling
That draws one to release
One within Your being
In this morning’s peace

A Morning of Presence

A morning of Presence
Of walking into
In silence surrounded
A beautiful view

Let way be honest
Of humility
A dwelling within
Of intimacy

Love of the sharing
For the source is You
Gift of abundance
Permeate through

Filling the soul
With nothing to lack
Let nothing stop me
From pouring it back