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Moment of Morning

A moment of morning
When clouds came to rest
A sign of the coming
That you are blessed

In the form the Spirit
Of Word to proclaim
The burning desire
In the shape of a flame

Receiving this message
With our being whole
Come here O Spirit
Ignite our soul

A beacon of light
Joy in our heart
Your Word on our tongue
Your love to impart

Empty Chapels’ Morn’

My treasure, my treasure
An empty chapel’s morn’
Light pours through the window
In silence to adorn

To empty my being
Fully to let go
To dwell deep within
The Spirit to flow

Your blessed acceptance
Surrounded in grace
Of peace to instill
A sacred embrace

Presence to presence
Of binding to share
Of intimacy
Fully being here

My rock, my foundation
Of our being whole
To nourish so deeply
Your love in my soul

A Morning

You painted a morning
Of beauty, astound
Such a masterpiece
Of colors abound

You sung a morning
Of silence, profound
A glorious psalm
Without a sound

You bless the morning
Just look all around
From heaven above
To here on the ground

Did you send this morning
So I could be found
Here in this moment
As your Presence surrounds

Time of a Summers’ Morning

In a summer’s morning
To sit and to rest
To soak in the light
A time to feel blessed

To view the blue sky
To hear the birdsong
To feel the warm ray
A time to belong

To let the clouds drift
The “to do” list to cease
To bask in the stillness
A time to feel peace

To make the connection
To God everywhere
To offer it all
A time of pure prayer

Prophets of the Morning

All throughout the world
Reflections everywhere
They turn unto the light
With offering of prayer

To awaken unto
The call of the dawning
In silence they be
Prophets of the morning

Attuned to the nature
Sensed in this day
The unseen is spoken
One of God’s way

With Spirit of sharing
In Word or in deed
To garden unknown
They are blessed with a seed

And through a moment
Of offered intent
Ordained with the light
Into this day they’re sent

Listen to the Morning

A soft gentle whisper
In light of adorning
Come now beloved
Listen to the morning

In screeches and caws
And buzz of the bee
The whispering breeze
A rustling tree

Sweet the birdsong
Echoes in the hollow
Soft the grass swaying
The wings of a swallow

A palette of silence
Allows this to be
Let the same stillness
Flow here into me

Let the Presence of peace
Here now take control
With gifts of the spirit
To sing in my soul

A Morning Of

A blessing here
Of Presence be
A morning of

A blanket white
Of purity
Flows warmth within

How still the gaze
Of mystery
Gifts pasture of

The grace of Your
A touch of Your

The Spirits breath
Is heavenly
Wrapped within
Your majesty

Heavenly Morning

A treasure that we awake to
With a sky of a peaceful blue

The sunlight of joy here to see
Anointing creation, holy

The dew comes to sparkle and shine
Ordained with a touch so divine

The petals of flowers embrace
With offer of beautiful grace

With praises the birdsong is bring
The sweet song is of angels singing

In stillness of sacredness here
Grows a garden of reverent prayer

Before us a pasture professing
The abundance of love is our blessing

And it’s our soul that God is adoring
With the gift of this heavenly morning

Breakfast of Morning

An offer of blessing
Of mornings invite
Breaking the fast
From the dark of night

A setting of silence
With pasture to dine
A quartet of sparrows
Sing songs so divine

We savor this silence
And drink in the light
A banquet of spirit
Is spread in our sight

A feast for the soul
Of love overflows
Abundance so great
We’ll take some to go

Soul of the Morning

A morning’s invitation
Of offer here abounds
Of welcoming the soul
A sacred psalm surrounds

A holy hymn of hearing
Of heaven here to be
To free the soul from pride
By blessed humility

A silent song of singing
Which every heart is longing
The grace of love as is
In comfort of belonging

So deep the depths of dwelling
Of One that’s drawing me
Centering the soul
Home is where we be

Subsumed into the being
For that is what I am
One of all creation
Created for His plan