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Something of the Morning Mist

Something of the morning mist
Finds comfort in my soul
Perhaps serves a reminder
That I’m not in control

A drawing of consuming
An easy, fall into
That takes the soul a drifting
Here of finding You

Soul of the arising
In shroud of comfort bring
Finding of the Spirit
Within our offering

A parallel of light
That only soul can see
A gift of finding love
In this discovery


A Morning Of

A morning of
A moments peace
A blessings gift
Here to release

Still the air
Soul to reflect
The new born light
My way affect

Birth lens anew
In view of love
Becoming now
My being of

Flow within
The Spirit letting
The way of You
Of attitude setting

Love Here in Morning

I love here in morning
Of Presence to be
Thought of the turning
That loves finding me

A pasture of light
On hillside of green
Into fields’ drifting
Of beauty pristine

Peace is prevailing
A movement occurs
In binding beyond
As the Spirit stirs

Soul of aligning
In One we belong
A fragrance of gifting
To carry along

Morning Commune

Still the morn softly
Awaken this day
Let all join as one
Of being to pray

Cast the light gently
Outpouring glow
Covering all
Love here to know

Sing a psalm slowly
The Spirit to stir
Human and divine
The line here to blur

Gentle of touching
Soul to attune
A day of beginning
With You to commune

Bless Me a Morning

Bless me a morning
One nice and clear
Your Presence abiding
Draw fresh of the air

Wrap me in birdsong
Sing to soul sweet
Creation awaken
Possibilities greet

Lift me to blue sky
Soft the clouds white
Praising Your glory
Bathe me in light

Lift branches high
Roll pastures green
Stir soul’s direction
To You in the scene

Silver, Silver

Silver, silver
Morning shine
Blessed light
Of gift divine

Be within
This beauty fine
Drawing in
Your grand design

Oh, stir within
This soul of mine
This day with you
My path align

Deeper, deeper
My soul pines
A branch to grow
From You, my vine

Of Peace

A step into dawning
A still masterpiece
Encounter before me
A morningful of peace

Where spirit is drawing
An easy release
Being of prayer
Encompassed in peace

Silent the moving
Awareness increase
Infused in defusing
A dwelling of peace

Grace of bestowing
Of me here decrease
A sharing becoming
A carrier of peace