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Morning Air

Go into the morning
To become aware
Something is different
In the morning air

Fragrance of newness
So fresh and so clear
Gift of the drawing
This sweet morning air

Awake now oh soul
Find nourishment here
Spirit is flowing
Of sacred morning air

One of the dwelling
That’s of everywhere
Moves into the being
Of the morning air

An invitation
Of wisdom to share
To let light shine through
Our morning air

A breath of heaven
A binding in prayer
I’m so grateful to breathe
The morning air

This Mornings Prayer

Draw in the fresh air
Turn gaze up high
Losing oneself
In the blue sky

Exhale completely
Fill senses deep
Allowing the present
Moment to seep

Sounds of surrounding
Of comforts embrace
Blessings of peace
Born by Your grace

Soul of the filling
Our being of here
Light of consuming
Of this morning’s prayer

Gentle Morning

Such a gentle morning
Of white clouds on blue
Green of abundance
With light pouring through

Such a gracious morning
All of One be
Seeds of love planted
Of sweet unity

Such a peaceful morning
I don’t understand
How this gift of God
Can be corrupted by man

Such a calling this morning
To do what we can
A prayer for peace
Across this great land

Morning Mist Lingers

The morning mist lingers
The sunrise pours through
The Lord clearly shines
And the Spirit dwells too

So silent the rising
As birdsong begins
Stillness is drawing
A movement within

Inner of warming
A chill in the air
Prayer of beyond
Of being right here

And a reminder
Wherever we go
A beautiful comfort
Of peace here to know

Come Presence of Morning

Come Presence of morning
Of light pouring through
An opening dawning
Invitation into

Come Presence of morning
Of new birth begin
Embrace of stillness
Of welcoming in

Come Presence of morning
Sweet silent sounds
Creation to offer
One binding surrounds

Come Presence of morning
With love as its song
That calls one and all
To the One we belong

A Morning Full

A morning full of color
A moving to invoke
Beauty of the being
Of dawning light to soak

A morning full of sound
Sweet the song of praise
Awakening the soul
Of offering to raise

A morning full of peace
Of still serenity
Drawing of the soul
Into the love of Thee

A morning full of prayer
One with our Creator
That calls the soul unto
Something of the greater

The Morning

Let’s walk into the morning
And we’ll hear the new days song
One of joy, one of peace
Into which we all belong

Let’s listen to the morning
And we’ll hear a drawing song
Flowing stream, gentle wind
And the beauty of birdsong

Let’s be within the morning
And we’ll hear the Spirits song
Drawing us, loving us
With the soul to pray along

Let’s rejoice in the morning
And we’ll sing a praising song
Sharing peace, sharing long
One of joy our whole lifelong

Morning of Birdsong

How blessed be the soul
Of gifting to belong
To find oneself within
A morning of birdsong

A symphony surrounding
Of welcoming into
A prayer of simple drawing
One consuming you

In stirring of the soul
A tune known of the heart
One of wordless wonder
Of pure praise to impart

With the voice of soul
An offer of the gifting
To sing in silent prayer
In joy of the uplifting

Window of the Morning

The calling of the Spirit
In the light of dawning
Opens unto us
Window of the morning

Incredible the blessings
Of which our God does give
Offered unto us
Is the choice to live

Sip the coffee slowly
Draw the fresh air deep
Allow the love of God
Into the soul deep

Pause within each moment
In sight, sound and flavor
The goodness of our God
In our soul to savor

Prophet of the Morning Sky

In sky above
Of gentle hue
The prophets voice
Speaks in the view

In life ahead
Find both be true
In joys of pink
And sorrows blue

Within our prayer
May fears subdue
As blessed light
Comes shining through

A path this day
Let us pursue
In sharing both
In love with You