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Mornings’ Insight

A gentle transition
From darkness to light
The way of our faith
This morning’s insight

Of one to awaken
A gift here to show
A blessing of silence
Soft is it’s glow

An offer extended
Of waiting to be
The soul to acknowledge
And accept it for free

Of welcoming in
And letting it flow
The soul of transforming
By Your love to know

Cool Morning Air

Of early September
A gray cloudy sky
So clear is the whisper
Of Spirit apply

A question to ponder
Do the trees know?
A season before them
Of their letting go

For birds of their nesting
Of senses perceive
A drawing of calling
Start to take leave

For found in the stillness
Of this cool morning air
The prayer of the prophet
Of way speaking clear

Every Morning

And every morning
You’re there to greet me
With a beautiful vision
Of stirring beauty

With sky and pasture
The clouds and the light
All of creation
Sings with delight

The whole earth of moving
Each dawning unique
One facet of love
Of way that You seek

Needing of nothing
All blessed for free
With offer of prayer
Us simply to be

Lord, let me respond
This treasure to claim
In sharing Your love
May I go do the same

Morning Dew

To start the day in prayer
Relationship pursue
Thirsting of the quenching
Sweet the morning dew

In the heat of day
With challenges so tough
Let these drops of water
Here now be enough

When it’s parched and dry
Hope this day to keep
Grounded in the soul
Of the roots grown deep

When the rain pours down
Let living water flow
Grateful for the blessings
If our Lord to know

Paint You a Morning

Let me paint you a morning
From a palette of pink
It’s the color of joy
Tell me what do you think?

I’ll mix in some blue
In case you feel low
I am always with you
My compassion to know

And on the horizon
A bright yellow light
To show that my hope
Is always in sight

I’ll touch the pasture
With purple royalty
So that you always go
With my divinity

A Morning of Blessing

With a simple pause
Found in the view
A morning of blessing
Of light pouring through

Nothing to earn
And nothing to do
Just of the receiving
A gift blessed from You

One of the drawing
The feeling, belonging
Found in the comfort
The deepest of longing

This simple being
Of aligning the way
Discovers the treasure
Of pausing to pray

Mornings Question

A gift each morn’
When we awake
This sacred time
Do not forsake

Of humble heart
Appeal to pray
Please gift to me
Here, one more day

Permission of
The soul to be
Your holiness
Breathed into me

With grateful heart
The soul be blessed
The joy within
His Word of “Yes!”

This Mornings Prayer

Draw in the fresh air
Turn gaze up high
Losing oneself
In the blue sky

Exhale completely
Fill senses deep
Allowing the present
Moment to seep

Sounds of surrounding
Of comforts embrace
Blessings of peace
Born by Your grace

Soul of the filling
Our being of here
Light of consuming
Of this morning’s prayer

School of the Morning

Just by our presence
A gift of the dawning
Accepted unto
The school of the morning

Art appreciation
To train sacred eyes
A study of heart
Within each sunrise

A dwelling of moment
To learn inner sound
In cherishing silence
Sweet music surrounds

Attuning to Spirit
Of senses employ
Where gratitude blesses
A lesson of joy

In molding the soul
To be fully aware
To the abundance of love
A degree of prayer

Sounds of the Morning

Sounds of the morning
The soul to discern
Of gifts that are offered
As each take their turn

Beyond the horizon
With the light of day
A flock of geese honking
As they fly on their way

The cattle are lowing
A whine of a horse
The sweet song of sparrow
The silence of course

For all draw attention
To our God to raise
In their own expression
Of unique song of praise