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Mother Theresa, “I Listen”

A story is told
Of an interview
With Mother Theresa
A way of her view

What are the words
That you use to pray?
She said, “I listen”
Is what “I say”

Another question posed
Then what does God say
She replied “He listens”
And we go on that way

We pray with longing
Desire that we share
He responds with love
The Word is what we hear

A silent transformation
Of being we await
A binding intimate
Of way to contemplate


Mother Teresa’s Encouragement

My brother, won’t you sing with me
The joy of this reality
Our God who loves us perfectly
In moment now, he dwells in me

May today, peace dwell in thee
Exactly where your meant to be
Forget not possibilities
Of faith in you and others see

Use the gifts received for free
To share His love abundantly
Content to be the child of He
To walk in His humility

In this truth, absorbency
Allow the soul of freedoms glee
It is in there for all bodies
To sing and praise excitedly

Overflow of St. Teresa of Calcutta

Our works of charity
Are but the overflow
Of our love of God
Let this truth here know

Therefore be the one
To God most united
Is he who loves the most
This love we’re all invited

To understand and practice
We all need to pray
For prayer unites to God
And overflows this day