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A Heavenly Mother’s Day

Now in life’s reflection
Your perspective to see
Your thoughts of motherhood
One so heavenly

A life that’s so hard
Exhausting physically
What’s more difficult
Those emotionally

Tasks and situations
That I’d have to admit
Though I’d never say no
Don’t know how I’ll do it

As the way of the Cross
Christs life to fashion
For its who we are
That love is our passion

But those moments collected
Of joy shining bright
Stored in the soul
Were moments of light

The pain and suffering
Died with my body
But our moments of love
We live eternally

All Ways Of

Feeding, changing, clothing
Embrace of resting
Consoling and healing
All ways of blessings

Teaching and exploring
Insights providing
Listening, reflecting
All ways of guiding

Nurturing and praying
Giving and sharing
Comforting, protecting
All ways of caring

Laughing, joking, teasing
Wonder, joy of voicing
Life, appreciating
All ways of rejoicing

Cherishing and binding
Treasuring, adoring
Rejoicing, celebrating
All ways love outpouring

Searching, seeking, looking
I have found no other
As Gods grace here on earth
All ways as a Mother

Love Your Love

Words you always shared
I came to know as true
A treasure of my life
Ones of, I love you

Words I also spoke
But more sparingly
Mom I hope you know
This formed the core of me

Though you’ve passed beyond
I am so aware
Of the many ways
I love you, still I hear

A prayer of my heart
To share with you, above
Mom, I never told you
That I love your love

A Mother’s Love

A question you’ll ask
As you continue to grow
Here is the truth
I want you to know

I hope you will feel
In all of your days
My love to reveal
In so many ways

Heart of my heart
In our being whole
Deeper than that
We are bound in our soul

To always find comfort
In my healing embrace
Sometimes letting go
Or lessons of grace

Even in times
That you’re not aware
Know you are always
Deep in my prayers

Will I be perfect?
The answer is no
But my hearts passion
Is to love you so

Will I ever stop?
The answer is never
My love is eternal
A Mother’s forever

A Different Mother’s Day

On this Mother’s Day
A different one appears
For it’s the first one
Without you being here

No thought of intention
To buy card and gift
No stop at the store
Or telephone lift

Your hole here is deeper
The wound opens wide
The missing grows bigger
Where you did reside

So I’ll write a letter
Some words of heart to share
What you meant to me
And send through a prayer

One of the soul
Of void of the filling
An intimate sharing
Love of fulfilling