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I See You

I see you in this flower
And feel your presence clear
A memory is triggered
A moment binding here

One of gift of sharing
In thoughtfulness of heart
Of the many ways
Of love you did impart

One of appreciation
Of beauty, pause to see
In gratitude of blessings
God has gifted thee

One of fragrance sweet
Of humbleness of way
Let me share your spirit
All throughout this day

When Heaven is Reached

A prayer of my heart
But word I failed to say
When heaven is reached
Please some way convey

Through word of a dream
So audible
The message was passed
“It’s so beautiful”

When dawning arose
A heart of delight
In vision of beauty
Of the morning light

A surprise to see
A name that is known
In colors of deep
A cross that is shown

I’m sure we’ll see
If we are aware
Of you sending us
An answer to prayer

Still You

Still raw is your passing
You’re in a better place
Your hope in gift of faith
Is answered by His grace

Still here is our sorrow
In random burst of tears
Drifting in our loss
Your emptiness felt here

Still in life’s reflection
The love to us you shared
We see your shadow cast
In many ways, you cared

Still we walk our path
With joy and sorrow, feeling
In prayer, we’ll be with You
A new way you’ll be healing

Still we’ll remember you
Etched within our heart
For now, your closer still
Through love that you’ll impart

You Helped Me To Cry

The day sorrow found me
I tried to keep it in
You shared a hug in love
Invitation to begin

That of heart outpouring
Tears streaming from our eyes
Comfort in your being
One within our cries

Together here of sharing
A binding beyond words
One within the knowing
That our hearts be heard

One of heaven sending
Compassion in your eye
Wrapped in arms of love
You helped me to cry

Forever I’ll be grateful
Beyond the words of feeling’
Beginning in this moment
You paved the path of healing

Another Room

There’s no death of fearing
A truth that I now know
For all that was conquered
By our Lord, long ago

I’m still with you, caring
Though in another room
As you still knew my love
When formed within my womb

My prayer’s that you will follow
Drawn by our father’s love
Dwelling for eternal
As we do here above

I’ll be here awaiting
My arms open wide
In perfect love eternal
Forever we’ll reside

Death Is Nothing

(Based upon a poem by Henry Scott-Holland)

Death is nothing. Nothing at all
It does not count. There is no wall

I’ve only slipped. In the room next
Nothing’s happened. Be not perplexed

As is the same. As was it be
You are you. And I am me

The old life lived. Together in love
Remains untouched. Unchanged above

Whatever we were. To each other
That we are still. And not another

Why should I be. Out of your mind
Just because. The eye is blind

As I am. I wait for you
So very near. Round corners view

All is well. Nothing is hurt
Nothing is lost. This truth assert

In moment brief. And all will be
As was before. Our joy to see

How we shall laugh. Embrace so sweet
When very soon. Again we’ll meet!