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Mystical Moment

The morning mist mixes
With hues pink and blue
A mystical moment
Of light shining through

Songs of uniqueness
Surround in beauty
Brother of stillness
Blends in sweet harmony

Rolling green pastures
Covered in dew
Of heavens connection
Flows into view

A drawing of binding
Is calling to me
A prayer of the soul
Is my offer to Thee

Mystical Morning

The rising of new light
Draws mist within the air
Dreamlike is the setting
All not exactly clear

One beyond; the message
Another in control
Forego all the senses
And dwell within the soul

Submit into your Presence
A lifting of pure prayer
To be of the above
Yet fully being here

Mystical this morning
Of blessing soul to be
A witness here this day
Of much more than just me