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Your Name

Not sure who they are
But their fruits I surely see
In the person, you’ve become
Your parents blessed be

They could have named you Grace
By how you share His word
In living, what you preach
The Spirits voice is heard

They could have named you Faith
For devotion flows through you
Each moment shared with love
With lens through our God’s view

They could have named you Hope
For you cast His light
Thou darkness fills this world
Around you all seems right

They blessed you, your name
A treasure of God’s son
What God has hoped you’d be
Is who you have become

Holy is His Name

When soul is bursting
With praise to exclaim
Let Word be spoken
Holy is His name

Spoken by Mary
Let me do the same
In contemplation
Holy is His name

In darkest valley
When faith starts to wane
Emerge from the soul
Holy is His name

When Spirit inspires
Igniting the flame
With perseverance
Holy is His name

With angels choir
In heaven proclaim
Eternally singing
Holy is His name