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Peepers Song

Soothing of the deep
Sound familiar brings
That is found within
The peace that peepers sing

Lyric of persistence
One of community
Hidden of the little
A simple prayer to be

Covering of darkness
Voice of comfort known
Rhythm of heart beating
That we are not alone

Hope in breath of Spring
With hymn of solemn praise
That soon by grace of light
All of the earth to raise

Heron Blue

Soaring bird of heron blue
Your gift of flight blessed in my view

As tip of wing touched waters flow
Something of the soul to know

In path of way, yours touched mine
That stirred my heart of beauty fine

That lifted soul in silent prayer
Attention drawn to God’s grace here

That all creation intertwines
The wisdom of His plan divine

The puzzle piece, our purpose be
The sharing of the gifts of thee

Carry me in way along
In One Creator we belong

What Does the Sunrise Say?

Horizon bursts in beauty
What does the sunrise say?
Gods light shares the message
Rejoice in this new day!

Gentle or in gusts
What does the wind convey?
Preparing roots of deep
Let faith be our mainstay

Surface always changing
What do the waves relay?
In God we are one body
Through emotions sway

Colors of the many
What fragrance from bouquet?
Grateful be our soul
Of blessings sent our way

Need of great desire
What is the entryway?
Our God of patience waits
Through our soul to pray

Finding You Here

I don’t understand them
The way that they think
You showed me fall colors
In beauty, their link

A difficult challenge
In trial and toll
You showed me trees swaying
Roots deep in the soil

No hope before me
Dark is the night
You presented the stars
Focus on the light

If soul is willing
In view be aware
Way will be known
In finding You here

Masterpiece of Moments

In whisper of morning
Pure light outpours
Spirit is shared
On all God adores

In colors of sunrise
A moving display
Stilling the soul
In drawing to pray

In wisp of soft breeze
Caressing the cheek
Those of accepting
Every soul seek

Surprise in a flutter
Of a butterfly
A flower of air
A gift passing by

Masterpiece of moments
In touches of grace
Value of capture
Within souls embrace