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We Are, In Need

A prayer to offer here
To our God, appealing
We are broken people
In need of great healing

Selfishness ingrained
World centered on me
We are sin filled people
In need of great mercy

In this stress filled world
Oh Lord it’s hard to cope
People in the darkness
In need of great hope

We are lonely people
Please Lord, won’t you send
One to share in love
In need of a great friend

Let us each be empty
In great need of filling
To receive Your gifts
If only we are willing

The Master Has Need of It

He sent His disciplines
Instructions to share
“The Master needs it”
The answer prepared

A wonderful motto
For us to apply
To think of our life
In His service, comply

Of course, God needs nothing
Allow His grace in you
So that we can share
In work he wants us to do

“It”, reminding us
A humble attitude
A servant with a purpose
With heart of gratitude

A Need

I need some time in Your Presence
I need some time dwelling in
In need some time of silence
A prayer now let us begin

A seed of realization
I’m blessed in this moment here
Transcendence into eternal
Through Spirit of being we share

Creator seeking created
A drawing of humility
Acceptance of love so completely
Here now just let me be

Cup of the overflowing
A calling of greater to know
Divinity, one of Your sharing
A need of Your filling to flow

I Need

Worn out and tired
Lost is the feeling
Turning to You
I need a good healing

Heart in turmoil
Life’s lost its meaning
Appealing to You
I need a good cleaning

Word is before me
Will be conceding
Dwelling within
I need a good reading

Grateful am I
For all Your caring
Let me go in Your love
I need a good sharing