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Gift of Night Rain

Through lens of the Spirit
A wonderful sight
When we awoke to
The day after night

The gift of night rain
Births the air clear
With breath of new life
A fresh start found here

Fruit of its blessing
Reflecting the light
Inspires creation
To sing with delight

A beautiful vison
Of touching, divine
Let this inspiration
Flow through this soul of mine

Simplicity of Night

I find there is something
Of the night air
With breath of the Spirit
So fresh, cool and clear

I find there is hope
In stars that appear
Through infinite darkness
Faith that they share

I find great comfort
With the moon shining here
One of reflection
Of light we’re aware

I find it easy
To drift into prayer
Except for these things
All disappears

Chase the Night

Horizons glow
From left to right
As colors new
Chase the night

You send to us
This grand display
A offering
Of call this day

Let us begin
Appeal to Thee
To cast away
The dark in me

Now let us rise
Our mission be
To shine Your light
To all we see

Night Sky

When the sun sets
And light disappears
God reveals to us
There millions more out there

If sun always shown
We’d never see
The shining stars
Of universe be

Silence sets in
Such comforting sounds
Easy of resting
In peace that abounds

In the night sky
A palette to wonder
A time set aside
To practice to ponder

View of consuming
Of infinity
A being of

Last thought of the day
Of my greater to see
That there is much more
Than just about me

When the Night

When the light fades away
Autumn finds its chill
Darkness fills the sky
To leaves the colors spill

When the crescent moon
Takes its position back
Time for stars to shine
On a palette black

When the air is still
In space the light enjoyed
A song of silent psalm
Slips in to fill the void

When the prayer is felt
Peace consumes the night
Body finds its rest
The soul is tucked in tight

Into Stars of the Night

Awake into darkness
Before morning light
A gaze of above
Into stars of the night

A drifting within
Of so far away
World becomes small
Perspective to pray

How little this life
My importance to be
So miniscule
View greater to see

An offer awaiting
Through Creator blessed
A purpose united
Of kingdom professed

Soul of eternal
To shine here this day
In turning the darkness
To light of the way