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Into the Nothing

Unpacking, unwinding
Emptiness know
Into the nothing
Here let us go

Just of the being
To Spirit appeal
Gift of the filling
Of grace to reveal

No expectations
Just one of the needing
Hunger and thirsting
Soul of the feeding

A joyful encounter
Beyond of the knowing
Everything found
In gifts overflowing

Nothing More

Let me share with you
A prayer that’s going ’round
If we truly live it
We’ll see that it’s profound

“Thy will, O Lord, be done.
Nothing more. Nothing less.
And Nothing else. Amen.”
Let my soul profess

Though difficult to live
Repeating these words be
A prayer to mold the heart
A change in my will, see

Using gifting’s blessed
In light of kingdoms view
In good times and in bad
Trust to place in You