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Now and Here

A wounded heart of being
A need we all do share
A calling of our Lord
Heal now, heal here

Many thoughts are flowing
In our time of prayer
A gentle choice of offer
Rest now, rest here

Daily tasks are calling
Go fast, be there
Another view of whisper
Be now, be here

A life of many choices
The answer is not clear
Simple is the message
Love now, love here

Be Here Now

The past is behind us
To let go, allow
To God give the future
To be grateful now

Each soul of encounter
Of blessing, endow
A binding of sharing
To be present now

Each moment receiving
To fully allow
His treasure embracing
To be loved now

This moments’ a gift
That God does endow
A practice of living
To be here now

Settle Now

Settle now in stilling
Focus be of here
Emptiness outpouring
In silence, be aware

Settle now in Presence
Focus of the light
Covering so precious
Grace of Your insight

Settle now in dwelling
Focus of the deep
Savor the sweet fragrance
Letting Spirit seep

Rooted now in love
Enwrapped in sacred prayer
Holiness of being
One of soul to share

Now You

Oh, my dear beloved
How I miss you so
But it brings me joy
In heaven, now you know

Your simple acts of love
The ripples didn’t know
In His love complete
Now you see how love flows

Things that made no sense
You trusted in His plan
In God’s providence
Now you understand

In your prayers you heard
A whisper from above
Now your silence speaks
In Spirits voice of love

Now You Know

So many prayers offered
No answer was found
Still your soul trusted
In hope that’s profound

Questions of your life
Of me wondered here
Just too intimate
That I failed to share

In pain and suffering
A question of why?
Still forging onwards
Faith you still apply

Last days in reflection
Perhaps just failure, see
Trust in letting go
To fall in arms of thee

Now within the light
Clear, His vision, show
In His wisdom, clear
A perfect plan you know

And Now is Here

Patience’s gift
Our soul prepared
Grace bestowed
Through silent prayer

And now is here
Our day of hope
Of wisdom’s view
Beyond our scope

Oh, little One
Before us lay
The humble door
Of holy way

A perfect love
Of one true choice
With angel’s song
Let us rejoice!

Gifts in the Path of Now

Venturing into
A glimpse of dawning light
Witness here this day
To morning birds first flight

Hello, my little brother
Free of gravity
One above the world
A wish to be with thee

What be of your drawing
Direction cast this day
I send you with a prayer
To bless you on your way

Attention of the turning
Simple of connection
That touch my path of now
Gifts of sweet affection

Be Now

Be now my beloved
Let me love you here
For it’s my desire
Accept my gift I share

Free now all the whispers
Of not worthy be
Nothing of the earning
Let me cherish thee

Dwell now in our being
Soaking of the deep
For I love you dearly
Let this truth here seep

Ground now in this knowing
Your soul I adore
Source of freedom living
Let our love outpour