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A Bucket of Ocean

Time at the beach
A child was playing
A message was shared
Of wisdom conveying

A bucket of water
The child wouldn’t share
Oh, silly one
There’s an ocean out there

God of abundance
Smiled in the view
Asking what are the buckets
That you cling to?

Money or time
Love or mercy
Grace or forgiveness
Give generously!

Ocean of Waves

The great body rises
Crests, then it falls
Seems as a breath
Releasing it all

Light sends its blessing
At touching upon
And with a sparkle
It passes it on

Gaze of consuming
Draws us to belong
One of waves flowing
As we breathe along

A body of greater
Absorbing of me
Lost in the ocean
Of God, symbolically

I Want To

I want to just gaze at the ocean
Into the water of blue
Listen to gentle waves crashing
Knowing that all flows from You

I want to just dwell in the sunlight
Feel the warm glow on my face
One light that is blessed upon all
Receiving of Your precious grace

I want to just listen to silence
Peacefulness here to instill
For it’s Your intimate language
Perceived through a blessed soul, still

I want to just be in Your presence
Astounded that You want me too
Awareness in all of creation
Your light of peace flowing through