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Creation to Offer

Into the morning
The rain plays its song
Peepers are chanting
Frogs sing along

Muscles relaxing
Drawing fresh air
One of becoming
Fully right here

Cast on horizon
The pre-day light glows
Soul of arising
A drawing to know

One of our being
In Spirits view here
Creation to offer
An entrance of prayer

An Offer of Thought

A thought to offer you
Perhaps a sacred treat
What if you shared His love
With everyone you meet?

To see each soul as broken
A needing in some way
To come with open ear
A smile in their way

One of warm acceptance
To meet them where they be
Find the way, connecting
A sharing space, safely

Open soul unto them
One of humility
A binding heart together
Of vulnerability

For they have a story
Allow their heart to share
What is in their soul
And know you truly care

Connecting through Spirit
To share lovingly
A new way of being
To live joyfully

I Offer

I offer acceptance
I offer my fear
I offer this moment
Right now and right here

I offer my future
I offer my past
I offer this moment
To the hope that will last

I offer my failure
I offer my lies
For I will fail You
No matter how I try

I offer intention
The failure of will
I offer my clinging
For You’ll love me still

Receive What We Offer

Wisdom of gifting
Flows through the Word
“We receive what we offer”
Contemplation be stirred

Conversation begun
Of intimate prayer
Love of our God
Is the word that He shares

Gifts of surrender
When forgiveness is blessed
We are washed clean
When our sins are confessed

Drops of our gifting
From this humble plan
Showered in grace
Return as ocean