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Praying In One

In solitude of being
Here my Lord, I find
With all of my beloved
I pray with you in mind

For all those suffering
A prayer with them, impart
With your burdens share
Compassion in my Heart

Those who’ve gone before me
Their love I hold deep
And their sacrifice for me
I pray in my soul deep

Through mind, heart and soul
As rays flow through the sun
In being of our souls
We all pray as one

Bless the One

Lord, bless the one
Of humble heart
To share Your gifts
This day to start

Lord, bless the one
Who suffers, so
Heal them now
Your love, bestow

Lord, bless the one
Of sinner great
With mercy washed

Lord, bless the one
Who’s lost their way
Send Spirits light
To guide this day

Lord, bless us all
For each we be
Sinner and saint
Lord, please bless me

One Simple

One simple morning
Of one simple day
Of one simple lifetime
Blesses the way

Of the sights and sounds
And feeling within
The senses are full
Here, soak it all in

Gift of receiving
Grace moving here
One simple stirring
Of divinity, share

One simple action
Of being to know
One act of love
Let the ripples now flow

How Many, One

How many lives?
How many stories?
Shared in this Church
Of such joys and worries

How many needs?
How many prayers?
How many Words?
Of wisdom were shared

And with my presence
Lord, let me be
One of this body
To trust in Thee

All of One God
Beyond time and space
Blessed in One love
Our treasure of grace

Through One

Through the sin of one man
His death came to be
And thus death, came to all
For sinners all are we

By transgression of the one
Death has come to reign
How much more will those receive
Abundant grace to gain

Justified by His gift
His life, he sacrificed
Now new life has come to reign
By our Jesus Christ

Just as one transgression
Condemnation came
Acquittal through one righteous act
New life, we all can claim

Though one man disobeyed
Sinners were made, many
Through obedience of One
The righteous will be plenty

Romans 5:12 17-19

Here’s is My One

Here is the one
I cherish, adore
I offer my treasures
Of gifts to outpour

So undeserving
Cast that thought away
Come close my child
Be with Me and pray

It’s my great desire
For you to know
My love completely
Come let me show

Fall here within
My loving embrace
Know the Word spoken
A being of grace

Here is the One

Here is the One
Our Savior, our King
Creator of all
Of which angels sing

Here is the light
Our hope and our joy
With facets of blessings
Of gifts to enjoy

Here is the love
That every soul seeks
Our great comforter
Of the lost and the weak

Here’s all we need
To fill our souls’ longing
Who welcomes all
With eternal belonging

One Moment

One minute of prayer
Is all I’ve time for
In Presence of love
With the One I adore

One breath of Spirit
To dwell in the deep
To permeate all
In the soul to keep

One act of loving
To start this day
With desire of more
In living the way

One moment of heaven
Eternity find
Of many more
Be our state of mind

One of the One

I find in this moment
Your Presence true
Joy in our being
Encompassed in You

The One who has saved me
Who forgives my sin
The One who has chosen
Who dwells within

The One who has blessed me
Who walks by my side
The One who created
Who always provides

The One who is thirsting
Who seeks all in love
The One who bestows
Our purpose above

The One of the Spirit
Who sent us His Son
The One of the drawing
To be one of the One

Only One

See a soul before me
A question is unfurled
Just what if they were
The only in the world?

I’d view in amazement
That they could truly be
Want to get to know them
With curiosity

Sit and watch them moving
Limbs coordinate
Mind be fascinating
Processor so great

Decisions all about them
The clothes they chose to wear
Their story that they carry
Path that brought them here

Interesting their passions
Heart molded by love
A needing to be needed
A binding seen thereof

Viewing even more
Deeper of insight
Inside is a soul
Spark of our God’s light

Creation of such beauty
A treasure here to see
Why our God adores them
Same be true of me