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One Moment

One minute of prayer
Is all I’ve time for
In Presence of love
With the One I adore

One breath of Spirit
To dwell in the deep
To permeate all
In the soul to keep

One act of loving
To start this day
With desire of more
In living the way

One moment of heaven
Eternity find
Of many more
Be our state of mind


One of the One

I find in this moment
Your Presence true
Joy in our being
Encompassed in You

The One who has saved me
Who forgives my sin
The One who has chosen
Who dwells within

The One who has blessed me
Who walks by my side
The One who created
Who always provides

The One who is thirsting
Who seeks all in love
The One who bestows
Our purpose above

The One of the Spirit
Who sent us His Son
The One of the drawing
To be one of the One

Only One

See a soul before me
A question is unfurled
Just what if they were
The only in the world?

I’d view in amazement
That they could truly be
Want to get to know them
With curiosity

Sit and watch them moving
Limbs coordinate
Mind be fascinating
Processor so great

Decisions all about them
The clothes they chose to wear
Their story that they carry
Path that brought them here

Interesting their passions
Heart molded by love
A needing to be needed
A binding seen thereof

Viewing even more
Deeper of insight
Inside is a soul
Spark of our God’s light

Creation of such beauty
A treasure here to see
Why our God adores them
Same be true of me

Today As One

At six o one
The day begun
A whisper calls
My blessed one

I sent to you
The rising sun
To draw all souls
To light of one

In solitude
Of prayer begun
In binding share
Our purpose one

To live the Word
Of Christ be spun
Heaven and earth
Today as one

One Away

One moment away
From last breath of breathing
One step of unknown
Our judgment receiving

One event away
From losing our wealth
One heartbeat away
From losing our health

One decision away
From freedom to lose
One thought away
Our mind to confuse

World calls to us
To dwell in our fear
One prayer away
From Your security here