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Open the Doors

Come open the doors
To welcome within
Come let the morning
Come pouring in

Sweet the fresh air
Sweet morning sounds
Filling our senses
Sweet peace surrounds

A deeper movement
As a sacrament
One of the Spirit
That it represents

One house of dwelling
In this soul of mine
One breath of being
Of Presence divine

Come Open to the Beautiful

Come open our eyes
To the gift of dawning
The beautiful seeking
Of a Holy morning

Come open our ears
To gift of a sense
The beautiful drawing
Of a sacred silence

Come open our heart
To each soul before me
The beautiful binding
Of community

Come open our soul
To each moment of prayer
The beautiful love
Of our God that we share

Open Unto

Eyes open unto
The gift of this day
Let our response
Be gratefulness, pray

Book opens unto
The gift of Your Word
Response be to savor
Let Spirit be heard

Heart open unto
The gift of Your grace
Response is of joy
Your mercy, embrace

Soul open unto
The gift of Your love
Response be to lift
Our will above

Come Open

Come open your eyes
Of wonder to see
The colors God shines
Of deepest beauty

Come open your ears
Of soft sounds to hear
The comforting psalms
God flows in the air

Come open your senses
To taste and to feel
To savor the gifts
That God does reveal

Come open your heart
To souls of your way
Of blessings ordained
God sends this day

Come open your soul
With a simple prayer
Of nourishment deep
That our God loves us here

Open the Drain

Open the drain
Let all flow away
Come settle the soul
Of sacred time, pray

All thoughts in our head
To dissipate
Just our being in Yours
To contemplate

Empty it all
Help us prepare
In Presence of love
Of Spirit aware

No expectations
A simple being
Your desire for us
To be of the freeing

Open Gate

Come with me now
On a journey, great
To enter beyond
I’ve opened the gate

Out of the darkness
And into the light
My welcoming Spirit
Awaits in delight

Of different perspective
Of heavens view
One body being
Its love we pursue

Come in the joining
No longer alone
When troubles arise
The way will be shown

Come now be free
Leave baggage behind
My joy awaits you
With treasures divine

Open the Gate

Think not of heaven
As a faraway place
But of this moment
It is by God’s grace

Open the gate now
And enter into
The Presence of God
Where He’s loving you

Blessed the journey
That we walk along
Joy in the binding
Of which we belong

One of the light
To guide the way
An embrace of divine
Here let us pray

Open Sky

In mountains and prairies
And ocean of blue
The open sky calling
A drawing to You

Eyes of the lifting
Soul follows along
Of “me” dissipating
In One we belong

Soul of the freeing
Of drifting above
Spirit of binding
Breathing His Love

A simple glance
Opens the door
A practice of turning
Desire of more

Open the Back Door

Open the back door
Venture outside
Bask in the sunlight
With You to reside

Upon a soft breeze
Under tall pine
Drawing the fresh air
Your Presence divine

Peacefully silent
Surrounding in song
Bird serenading
One creation belong

Spirit of drawing
Light flowing through
Inner and outer
Connecting to You

Leave the Door Open

Inner room to enter
With posture to adore
Longing soul awaits
Opening the door

Psalm of silence sweet
Calming the soul still
Emptying the space
Hope of Presence fill

A rising so softly
The Spirit to flow
A filling completely
Love here to know

A drifting eternal
Of intimacy
A dwelling of being
Of You filling me