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Prayer of Padre Pio

Stay with me, Lord
In Your Presence, be
So, I don’t forget You
For I do, easily

Stay with me, Lord
Because I am weak
For I fall often
Your strength, I seek

Stay with me, Lord
My life, You fashion
For without You
I am without passion

Stay with me, Lord
For You are my light
And without you
I’m lost in the night

Stay with me, Lord
To show me Your will
To hear Your voice
And follow You, still

Stay with me, Lord
For I love thee
Let me always stay
In Your company

Stay with me, Lord
If You wish me to
Always to be
Faithful to You

Stay with me, Lord
Let my poor soul rest
Place of consoling
Your love be my nest

Stay with me, Lord
As life passes through
Renewing my strength
Never stop needing You

It’s getting late
Death waits its trial
I fear the darkness
In this night of exile

Stay with me tonight
My Jesus, pursue
In life and its dangers
My Lord, I need You

Let me see You
In the breaking of bread
Light through the darkness
Your joy keeps heart fed

Stay with me, Lord
When death that I face
United to You
By love and by grace

Stay with me Jesus
No consolation is due
But gift of Your Presence
This, I ask of You!

Stay with me Lord
You alone, I adore
Your grace and your will
For You more and more

With a firm love
All my heart perfectly
Continue to love You
Throughout eternity