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Parents Love

Being with you now
My child that I see
A question you did ask
When did you first love me?

The day that I was born?
Or began to grow?
My personality
Of who you came to know

As I think about it
Of time even before
You were even then
One that I adore

If we ponder deeply
I think that we will find
A glimpse of perfect love
One beyond all time

A Living Eulogy

A living eulogy
Of writing, here this day
If you are a parent
You scribe it anyway

Things you teach your children
Priorities instill
Way of life’s importance
Goals they will fulfill

People of surrounding
Of ones which they will bond
With character creating
Souls of which they’re fond

Did they treasure kindness
Or generosity
Show a love so pure
Self-sacrifice to be

A fallen broken soul
When they lost their way
Their story of faith written
Answered when we pray

Entrance to the door
Key of eternity
Will they trust our God
Let His love flow through me