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Pasture of Light

Into autumns’ solstice
Dawning rising bright
Glorious the vison
A pasture of the light

Tongues of fire shine
On green grass of swaying
A harvest for the soul
All creation praying

What could this represent?
Souls who’ve gone before?
Angels of surrounding?
What heaven has in store?

Let His treasure flow
In blessings of to be
Of the many ways
God loves you and me

Pasture of Praying

The great ball of fire
The earth goes around
Sends soft rays of light
Laid on the ground

Transition from darkness
Warming the air
Instilling of being
Of colors appear

Through breath of the Spirit
The grass comes to swaying
A blessing to witness
A pasture of praying

So humble the offer
To come and be still
The entrance to prayer
Begins with the will

A Pasture of Vision

A pasture of vision
Of whisper right here
Come drifting into
Of gifting to share

Of flow to horizon
Where earth meets the sky
A dwelling within
Of way, simplify

The wisdom of silence
Effuses its’ song
With lyric of peace
For which our soul longs

A morning of blessing
Of being to pray
A field of surrender
Of which the light lays

Pasture of Assimilation

Of pasture wide
Something to know
Of offering
The fruits you grow

Of blessing light
Received, adored
And towards it grows
To reach for more

Of soaking rain
To roots convey
The fruit that’s sent
From cloudy days

A lesson here
To contemplate
The way that you

Pasture Green

How luscious is
Your pasture green
The fruit of simple seed

The grazing field
Of nourishment
On which the cows do feed

How beautiful
The touching be
Of mornings light new birth

The meeting place
One to receive
Of heaven’s grace on earth

It draws me in
Of colors deep
For my eyes to wonder

It comes to be
My dwelling place
For the soul to ponder

One of two views
Of feeding
Of earthly and divine

Grass filling their inside
Spirit filling mine