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Along The Path

Lead me down the path
Where wildflowers grow
A stroll with Savior blessed
In prayer for us to know

Resting by still waters
As sunlight filters through
Roots of growing deep
Of yearning here for You

Dwell within the twilight
Letting worries go
Rejoice with in the sunset
In joy of colors flow

Pause me in the evening
Within the peace of night
Lifting soul above
With the stars of night

Practice of life’s way
Gratitude in growing
Sharing of our journey
With our Lord of knowing

Perfect Path


How beautiful the day
A perfect path laid clear
Tween water and the light
Spirit in the air

Souls of old and young
Rooted in the way
Blessings of encounters
Ordained to us this day

Walking side by side
Living prayer of love
Heavens precious light
Filtered from above

In pocket of the soul
Faithfully secured
Retrieved in dark of night
Reflection reassured

Gifts in the Path of Now

Venturing into
A glimpse of dawning light
Witness here this day
To morning birds first flight

Hello, my little brother
Free of gravity
One above the world
A wish to be with thee

What be of your drawing
Direction cast this day
I send you with a prayer
To bless you on your way

Attention of the turning
Simple of connection
That touch my path of now
Gifts of sweet affection

Path of Sacred Way

Blessed be the Holy One
Who showers us with grace
Meeting us uniquely
In our time and space

Showering with blessings
With treasure of above
Void completely filling
With His precious love

Joy is at the doorstep
One of overfilling
Pray soul be aware
That the heart be willing

Through facets of the light
In turning here to pray
Blessing laid before us
A path of sacred way